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Is conscience learned or innate?


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an innate conscience, one that has always been there, given to us by God... many do believe this, as its such a powerful tool, it concludes our morality, and therefore only somebody with omnipotence could be capable of creating this :D

I disagree with the above answer. Whether conscience is innate or not has nothing to do with its having been "given to us by God" or even with the existence of God. An innate and/or learned conscience could just as well be the result of our having evolved as social animals who have to follow certain principles, some of which are relative to a particular society, in order to survive and flourish.

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It is completely a innate behavior, that's like asking if we walking is innate or learned

Innate and learned behaviors are behaviors that are either known at birth or learned afterwards. Some people believe that certain behaviors are innate or that they are learned from adults of the same species.

Innate. It has to do with balance and vision.

Innate behaviour is something you have known from birth.Learned behaviour is something you must learn before you can do and you didn't know at birth.E.G.Innate:-Cry-Move BodyLearned:-How to drive a car-How to use a toaster

I'm aware of innate (your word actual) conscience, or our innate goodness. I'm not aware of "habitual" conscience. But if I may infer, since you use the word habitual, then it implies conditioning; school, church, political, social, cultural, regional,friends, nationality, and all our acquired biases. Therefore; Habitual conscience is only a reaction to whatever stimulus we are experiencing at the present moment. While innate conscience is the real us, devoid of dualism, prejudices, preferences, affiliations, etc.

extrinsic, acquired, learned

In a short answer: Innate means existing in since birth (inborn). Learned refers to acquired from external sources.

Yes, cows and horses have innate and learned behavior.

An innate quality or ability is that you were born with, not one you have learned; Paul's most impressive quality was his innate goodness.

innate behaviour is a character that is natural not learnt or coppied

no, there are two types of behaviors: innate and learned. obviously, the innate behaviors are known from birth and the learned behaviors are acquired after birth. Learned behaviors can modify innate behaviors such as teaching a baby not to babble but to learn English. Simplified: something LEARNED cannot be passed down genetically UR A FAIL EAT CAKE

All skills are learned. Talents are innate, part of your individual intelligence, etc.

Migration is an innate behavior.

As with most 'higher' mammals tigers have both innate and learned behaviour. The ability to hunt is probably innate. What to hunt, how and where more of a learned practice. Hence many mammels stay with their parents for varying periods of time.

Coral has innate behavior, not learned. They operate essentially the same way in all environments and do not show signs of being able to learn anything new.

innate behavior is a behavior that is inherited through genes, or behavior that does not need to be learned, such as blinking, and breathing, or the fight or flight response. while learned behavior must be taught or learned such as talking, or walking, and things like that.

A skill can be learned behaviors are innate

they have both innate and learned behavior.

Instinct. It's also called 'Innate Behavior'

Most human behavior is learned rather than innate, however, you might say that eating when you are hungry is a type of innate behavior. Even newborn babies will do that.

i think its innate behavior but depending on the context, it could also be learned helplessness,too

Innate traits are those that you are born with, while learned behaviors are which you learn throughout your life span. Example of innate traits, breathing, and swallowing. Learned Behaviors could include walking, and talking.

As is often the case, a mixture of the two.

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