Is copper iodide soluble

Updated: 9/16/2023
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NO, its insoluble

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Q: Is copper iodide soluble
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Is copper iodide soluble in water?

No. Copper iodide is insoluble in water.

What happens when potassium iodide is mixed with copper sulphate?

In the laboratory, copper(I) Iodide is prepared by simply mixing an aqueous solutions of potassium iodide and a soluble copper(II) salt such copper sulphate. : :: Cu2+ + 2I− → CuI2 The CuI2 immediately decomposes to iodine and insoluble copper(I) iodide, releasing I2. : :: 2 CuI2 → 2 CuI + I2

Is barium iodide soluble?

Yes. Barium Iodide is soluble in water.

Copper and iodine reaction?

copper iodide

Is silver iodide soluble?

No, it is not soluble in water

What happens when Potassium Iodide is added in Copper Chloride?

2K(I) + CuCl2 => 2KCl + Cu(I)2 The (I) is iodide, because the capital I and lowercase l look the same. This is a double replacement reaction, where copper (II) iodide comes out of solution, because it's not soluble, assuming that both of those are in solution.

Is copper (i) iodide ionic or covalent?

Copper iodide is an ionic compound.

Why is NaCl soluble in water but iodide is not?

It is false; sodium iodide is more soluble than sodium chloride in water.

What solvents are soluble in ethyl iodide?

Ethyl iodide is miscible with ethanol.

Is sodium iodide soluble?

Yes, it is

How would you remove essentially all the iodine while leaving the water in the bag?

How to remove iodine from a solution of water? I'm assuming your talking about a iodine salt (such as sodium iodide) as elemental iodine (I2) is not that soluble in water. To remove simply add in another salt (such as copper sulfate) that will react with the iodide producing an insoluble salt (copper iodide) which can then be removed.

Is MgI2 soluble?

Magnesium iodide is soluble in ethanol, ammonia or ethyl ether.