Is coral a vegetable

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Coral is an animal that creates a shell.

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Q: Is coral a vegetable
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Is coral a vegetable or a animal?

It is a invertebrate.

Is coral a vegetable animal or mineral?

Corals are marine invertebrate animals

Could someone name some different types of coral?

pineapple coral brain coral staghorn coral star coral torch coral bonaire flower coral red med coral pipe coral bleached coral bubblegum coral gold coral

What types of Coral are in the Belize barrier reef?

Lettuce Coral, brain coral, elkhorn coral, staghorn coral, star coral, fire coral, sea pen, scroll coral, golfball coral, mustard hill coral, rose coral, sea whips, maze coral, rigid cactus coral, orange cup coral.... and many more.

What different types of species of coral are there?

well their is soft coral and hard coral +brain coral breanha coral lily coral and extra coral

How does a coral reef get its coral?

The hard coral polyp makes the coral

What are the names of the three sets of coral?

They are finger coral,brain coral and fan coral.

Is a coral polyp basically coral?

No its animal to coral

What corals are in the Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef contains around 600 species of coral, consisting of both hard corals and soft corals. The most common hard coral is the Staghorn coral, but there are also brain coral, plate coral, elkhorn coral, tabletop coral, mushroom coral, needle coral and luna coral. Soft corals include elephant ear coral, cauliflower coral, weeping coral, fan coral and sea whips.

How does coral reef grows?

the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys

How do coral start out?

coral are animals coral reefs are made up of dead and live coral.

What is a collective noun for coral?

The collective noun for coral is a reef of coral or a bed of coral.

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