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if i take this test and send you $95 dollars will i going to be able to take it to york teck. in South Carolina and go to there school.

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Q: Is cornerstone GED program accredited
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Where can I an accredited online GED?

When you obtain your GED you will be able to do some of the screening and initial tests online. However, you will on occasion need to actually go in to your old high school. The accredited program will be one provided through your local high school that offers the GED testing program.

Can you get into a ultrasound technician program with a GED?

Yeah. You can. As long as you have a GED and the college where you'll be applying to accepts GED as a form of schooling, you'll have no problem. Try and find a college accredited by CAAHEP.

Is it possible to take a GED test online and , if so, what website(s) are available to do so?

Yes it is possible to take your GED test online. Check out, it is an accredited program.

What online high schools offer GED's?

There are many great online high schools. The best option is to make sure they are accredited. offers a GED program for a reasonable price.

What testing companies provide accredited ged's?

There are lots of companies that provide accredited ged's and they vary from state to state. You must check out the different companies and do a background check to make sure the are legit and accredited before you begin the ged process. You have several online options for gettin gyour accredited GED. One of the best places online to get your GED is

Is Cornerstone America a member of the BBB?

According to the BBB website, Cornerstone America is a BBB Accredited Business.

Can you get a GED online and be accredited to college or military?


Where can I take an online GED class?

You can earn your GED online at It is an accredited online school.

I'm looking for an accredited online GED program?

Your persistence is very commendable and hopefully you get connected with the perfect GED program. If you go through your local high school, even if you've dropped out they're the place to go to recieve your GED accreditation. They'll be able to tell you exactly where you need to go to get the right training. is a great starting resource.

What would be a highly recommended photography program for beginners ?

If you are referring to a software, Adobe Photoshop Elements is the #1 software program for photographers. Corel paint is #2 for software. If you are referring to a school/degree program, Cornerstone University offers a Bachelor's prgram that is accredited.

How do you get a GED from cornerstone christian academy?

go online or send a money order and they will sen you the test.

Can you go to college for radiology with a GED?

No, but you can get into College with a GED - Check with your local Community College or online for an accredited school.Save