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Is counter strike better than condition zero?


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Condition Zero is better, but Counter-Strike 1.6 is more popular. Counter-Strike: Source is the best.

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Counter-Strike 1.6 has been around longer. Condition Zero is better than 1.6, but is generally the same, so people believe it is just a copy of it. I think more people play counter strike 1.6 more than condition zero is because it might have better guns or it is just more popular.

Dota is far more funnier than Counter-strike

No. Counter-Strike is a multiplayer game that used to be a Half-Life mod. It's good and people still play it but Half-Life 2 is better. Although, you're question is kind of dumb because Half-Life 2 is a single player game and Counter-Strike is not. So there's no better or worse.

Counter-Strike is a vague term which blanket references all the games in the Counter-Strike line-up: Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike Source. When people refer to Counter-Strike, they most likely mean Counter-Strike 1.6, the most up-to-date version of the original Half-Life mod, but they could be referring to any of them. All of the games also have several popular nicknames or abbreviations amongst their players: CS, 1.6, or Counter-Strike for Counter-Strike 1.6; CSS, CS:S, or Source for Counter-Strike Source; CZ, CS:CZ, or Condition Zero for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. If you are refering to the difference between Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source the differences are this: Counter-Strike source being a newly made game has improved graphics, textures, physics and game play. The recoil dynamics and "Feel" of the game is much different from 1.6. In source maps have much more detail and high-res textures than in 1.6. Also, in Source a lot of the exploits of 1.6 were changed such as Crouch Hopping (Tapping your crouch button once, and then hitting it again and holding it would make your character "dip" down into a crouch position making the hit boxes of your character scramble, making a well placed head shot register as a well placed arm shot) Also, the radar has been changed. In 1.6 it was a small green circle on your screen showing dots for your allys and no one else. In Source the Radar is a large box that shows detail of the map, and it will show enemies if they fire a unsuppressed weapon.

I would have to say Call of Duty 4 or 5 if you prefer it. It really depends on your taste of games.

It really depends on the speed of your internet. With 2+ mbps download speed, you could download it in less than an hour.

If u wanna play without LAN,then ur gonna be the oly guy runnin around on the download BOTS..they are artificial players[computer players][Its better than nothing]!!

"Available Memory Less Than 15 MB" ? dont wory guys you still can play counter strike condition zero on windows 7 64 bit, follow this simple step to run counter strike 1.6 on windows 7 :1. Go to your desktop2. Right click on your counter strike shortcut3. Click properties4. And click compatibilty tab5. Choose "windows vista service pack 2" on run mode6. click apply7. and the last click oknow you can play your counter strike game on your pc without any error.

Counter Strike is older than Crossfire. Crossfire was released between 2007 and 2011 (depending on the country) while Counter Strike was released between 1999 and 2004 (depending on the platform). Although only a few people will tell you of this, I believe that Crossfire is the Asian replica of Counter Strike as both games share a strong similarity (for example, both games have terrorist and counter-terrorist players). Source: Wikipedia and my experience.

Since I have both games, I may know the reason. Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, and other VALVE multiplayer games no longer has a supported network that allows players to play online. The World Opponent Network (WON) was shut down by VALVE and the online system was replaced by Steam around 2004. Thankfully, some dedicated people were able to find a solution to this problem by implementing WON2 (although it is strongly disliked by VALVE) or decided to pay a fee to promote their servers. However, is is only seen in the non-steam versions of Counter Strike 1.6 instead of Condition Zero since CZ is not well liked by the CS community compared to CS 1.6 (as it is a classic).

There have been more than 30+ counter strike movies that have come out. Some are good and some are bad. If you would like to view the list of movies, check out Nine Legends.

Hemm go in "CMD" type hldsupdatetool -command delete game "counter-strike source" -dir C:\programsfiles\steam\steamapps\Username\counter-strike source\bin\steam_api.dll and you there you go your are now unban from Counter-strike source "PS You need to have steam client close totalty ! to do this " and if you have more than counter-strike:source vac-ban you can't do this !

Yes. You can start a local game and run bots on it.

Their are more than on ways to create a Counter Strike Server. 1) Run the CS Ded Server from your steam menu. 2) Pay for a host online. 3) Run the game and click create server.

You need to download from steam. Website is called first you can test with a public version and than if you like you buy steam copy. try with us counter strike 1.6 and join our community

Most mod servers have the admin mod and the game mod (zombie, super hero, etc)

No, there is no new version, that's a lie, 1.7 I take it like the "ProMod" but no more than that, is like a Patch for CS:1.6 which improve textures and fix some bugs. Counter-Strike:Source is the lastest version. Counter strike 1.8 is CURRENTLY the latest...

A used work truck is better if it has lower than average mileage as long as it is in better than average condition. If it is not in better than average condition it was probably not well taken care of and not worth the expense.

The condition of wasb not better because of lack of houses,availibity of food and much more conditions.but now its condition it better than seperation.

better than before and can be improve.

That will depend upon the condition of the apple when placed on the counter, the ambient temperature and humidity, and the apple's pedigree. Some varieties keep longer than others. Some do better without refrigeration than others. But all apples do best under refrigeration.

If You want to play on steam servers than yes, but if you want a non-steam version(You can only play Non-Steam Servers), you can download off megaupload, rapidshare, or torrents. Just google non-steam condition zero and the online patch, download them, and you got it!

In counters, Lockout condition is that condition wherein a counter gets onto a forbidden state and rather than coming out of it to another acceptable state or initial state, the counter switches to another forbidden state and gets stuck up in the cycle of forbidden states only.

Battlefield 2: You can command squads request artillary, request vehicle drop, request supplies, and other tings. You can also choose various kits, drive or pilot various things from ATV to tank to helicopter to a jet. You can also aim down an iron sight or red-dot scope, with the ability to also go prone. Counter Strike: Less weapon choices, can open doors (which I find it to be a major flaw in Battlefield 2), more map choices, and if you have the right programs, you can also make your own maps from assault to cs to aim. If you like head-on warfare, Battlefield is best for you. If you enjoy strategy and teamwork, you will love Counter-Strike. ---- It is up to you. If you think battlefield is better that is better for you.

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