Is cp real

Updated: 10/22/2022
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What do you mean? Club Penguin?..

If not, no it's not. :L

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Q: Is cp real
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Can you get real puffles alive?

in real life no but in cp yes.

What is real cp account no banned?

username: yo149 password:lisa47

Where do you buy a cp epf spy phone in real life?

You cant

Is there any unused toy code for cp?

n83 215 ef3 not real

What is aunt arctic's real name?

the person the activates it like the workers of cp we actually don't know the real name

Does it cost real money in real life to pay for clubpenguin member?

Yes it does. It cost about $7.00 for a month, $32.00 for 6 months and $64.00 for 12 months. I wish it could cost CP money, I could be a member for my whole penguin life! It costs real money because if it was CP money, EVERY penguin would be a member and that would just annoy CP staff and management. :) Hope this helped :)

What HWI mean on club penguin?

Well, when u go to the pet shop in cp u will see "pookies" those ppl in yellow are actually babies so they are called in cp pookie well anyways in cp that mean Hi but the pookie says it!! just like a real baby... in real well they are babies but in virtual so yes HWI mean Hi...

Are enterfactory promos of gadgets real?

not real, i typed my cp number there but never got a text saying the code that i was supposed to type to get the answer :( too bad

Does cp trianer mess up your computer?

not all the timebecause some times there is some bad men that using our recross to have a cp trianer and make a virus and tipping the virus is a cp trianer so be careful i was o most have my camputer full but not all the trianers a virus some people are good and make a real cp trianer like microship 123

Why did rockhopper leave in Club Penguin?

Rockhopper is a real human that logs on, but he is staff of CP. The CP Staff schedule him to come and leave for certain days, he left because it was the end of his visit, but dont worry, he will be back

How do you get a rainbow puffle on club penguin 2011?

you cant people do edits on cp for fun it ain't real lol

How do you get the elite puffle on cp?

You need to be a member and buy the puffle thingy in real life and enter in the 'flare' code.