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Q: Is cramping three weeks before your period normal?
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Lower abdominal cramping is pregnancy symptom?

Yes, lower abdominal cramping is a pregnancy symptom. You can feel crampy, exactly like you would before your period. I felt crampy for three or four days and then tested positive! :)

What does it mean if your head hurts and stomach cramping and period late three days?

Haven't Started

Is a three day period normal you usually have a 5 day period but for last three months you have been having a three day period Is that normal as you plan to have baby?

yes a normal period can be 3-5 day or longer :) x

Could you be pregnant if a test a week before your period was negative and your period was stronger than normal but only lasted three days?

It is unlikely

What could it be if your period is a week late and you have had menstrual-like cramping for three days but HPTs are negative?


I have about a week before my period ive been cramping and had little spotting for the last three days could I be pregnant?

you wont know until you begin your period and get tested.. most likely, no. Usually you won't have symptoms until your first missed period.

Can you have a girl three days before your period?

Yes. You can have a girl... Three days before your period... AKA: What?!

Could having cramping for three days period is due but no bleeding yet?

yes maybe ur pregnant

Can minocycline affect menstruation?

I actually think it can. I've been on minocycline ER (extended release) for three weeks, and my PMS symptoms were more severe than normal with mild cramping (which I never get before my period) and very slight spotting. Now, my period is starting out a little lighter than usual. It did come at the expected time though.

Can an IUD cause irregular period?

And IUD (or any hormone birth control) can cause irregular spotting, cramping or bleeding for up to three months when new. Upon insertion crampong and spotting is normal as well.

Is it normal for your period to come three times in one cycle?


Is it normal to have your period three times a month?

No! See a doctor.

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