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I believe Cricket now sells the iPhone 5. It is a bit expensive though because it is a contract-free carrier.

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โˆ™ 2013-06-18 17:11:08
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Q: Is cricket wireless getting the new iPhone 5?
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What new types of wireless technology are being released soon?

Apple has new models of the iphone it is planning to release in fall 2011 - iphone 5 and 4g. Samsung and AT&T are also developing new wireless technology.

Does cricket wireless support blackberries?

No it does not. It runs on a different frequency than the blackberries can detect. However, Cricket Wireless is currently negotiating a contract to come out with a new BlackBerry as well as a new touch screen phone.

How do you find out when your update for your iPhone is?

Contact your wireless provider or telephone company and ask them when you are due for a new phone.

What is the price of a brand new Iphone 5?

The price of an Iphone 5 depends heavily on the mobile contract you get with it and its storage capacity. For example, you can get an Iphone 5 with a wireless plan 16GB of storage for $199, while one with 64 GB and no wireless plan costs $899.

How do you get an iPhone 4?

You can purchase an iPhone 4 from Verizon Wireless or ATT. Those are the only two certified wireless carriers of the Apple iPhone. To buy the phone it is $199 for a 16 GB and $299 for a 32 GB phone with a new 2-year contract or contract renewal from either company.

Which wireless broadband internet provider has the best service for a low price?

It depends on what plan you choose. In general, some new providers like Cricket Wireless, Clearwire's wireless broadband service have better service for a lower price.

How much will it cost to upgrade an iPhone 3g to an iPhone OS?

The question makes no sense, there is not "iPhone OS" model of iPhone. Assuming you are referring to getting the new operating system (OS) on your iPhone 3G, it is a free download.

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Can i use my samsung galaxy 5 phone cricket wireless sim card and switch it to a new samsung amp 2 phone?

Provided the new handset is unlocked... yes you can.

What does the 4.2 upgrade do for the iPhone?

Well I know that they added new text tones and you can personalize the tone per contact there's also the ability to print wireless via iPhone to printer and you can sync your movies to play in unison on your iPhone iPad and apple tv.

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