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No, crowd's roar is a singular possessive noun; it's just one crowd roaring.

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Q: Is crowd's roar a plural possessive noun?
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How would you write the possessive form of the noun- roar of the lions?

The possessive form is the lions' roar.

How do you spell the plural of roar?

The plural of "roar" is "roars".

Is roar a noun or verb?

A roar is a noun. To roar is a verb.

What is the singular possessive of lions?

The singular form of the noun lions is lion.The singular possessive form is lion's.Example: We heard a lion's roar in the distance.

Is roar a common or proper noun?

a roar is a common noun. I mean unless someone's name is Roar, its a common noun.

Is roar a noun?

Yes, the word 'roar' is both a noun (roar, roars) and a verb (roar, roars, roaring, roared).Examples:We heard the roar of a lion in the distance. (noun)The boss will roar when sees this mess. (verb)

How do you punctuate with an apostrophe the rockets roar sent shivers?

"The rockets roar sent shivers (down my back?)" can be punctuated in two ways, depending upon whether it is more than one rocket. Singular : "THe rocket's roar sent shivers..." Plural : "The rockets' roar sent shivers..." Like many "fill in the punctuation" questions, there is no way to tell if the S is to make the subject plural or to form a possessive. If there were no S, you would add "apostrophe S" to rocket. If the plural form were irregular (e.g. "The potatoes skin had been removed"), then it would be obvious that the subject is plural and an apostrophe only is added. (some style sheets require the S even where redundant)

Is roar a verb a noun an adverb an adjective?


Which phrase is correct - 'thunders roar' or 'thunder roars'?

When you are refering to thunders as plural, it is correct to say thunders roar. If referring to thunder as singular, then it is thunder roars.

What are 4 letter nouns starting and ending in the same letter?

noun noon tart tort roar peep

Is bellowing an adverb?

No, it is not. It is the present participle of the verb to bellow (to roar, or shout). It can be a verb, a participial, a noun, or an adjective (e.g. bellowing oxen).

What is a homophone of raw?


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