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It is neither. It is a subphylum of the Phylum Arthropoda

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Q: Is crustacean a species or genus?
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What is the phylum class order family genus and species of crustaceans?

Arthopada is the phylum, crustacean is the class, and from there, there are many families, genus', and species'

What genus are crabs?

It depends on the type of crab. For example, fiddler crabs are of the genus Uca (Ocypodidae). And the blue crab is in the genus Chionoecetes.

What is the genus for lobsters?

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What is the kingdom phylum class order family genus species of crustacean?

Animal Kingdom, phylum Crustacea

What is the genus of crustacean?

Crayfish are not a single species nor do they belong to a single genus. They make up the superfamily Astacoidea, which contains three families and 29 extant genera.

What is a genus with single species?

A genus with one species is a monospecific genus.

How many numbers of antenas do Crustacean have?

That depends on the type of crustacean in question; it varies between species.

How many species of hagfish are there?

There are 79 species of hagfish that are split up into six different genus. The genus Eptatretus contains 49 species, the genus Myxine contains 23 species, the genus Nemamyxine contains two species, the genus Neomyxine contains one species, the genus Notomyxine contains one species, and the genus Rubicundus contains four species.

What do you call combining a genus and a species?

The species is the combined genus and species

How do you classify animals Species then Genus or Genus then species?

Animals are classified by first indicating the genus, followed by the species. For example, humans are classified as Homo sapiens, where Homo represents the genus and sapiens represents the species.

A genus is divided into what?

a genus is divided into species

What is the genus species for plant?

Genus and species are specific to each individual organism, so there is no genus species for all plants.