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Lol, no... it's on the Gameboy Color. xD it is a real game.^^

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โˆ™ 2010-08-16 16:56:21
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Q: Is crystal version a fake game?
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Where are the evolution stones in Pokemon liquid crystal?

There are none pokemon liquid crystal is a fake pirated game.

How To get GS Ball in Crystal Gold Or Silver?

If you have the Japanese version of Crystal then you can get it via in-game event.

At what level does kadabra evolve in Pokemon liquid crystal?

Assuming Liquid Crystal is a fake Pokemon game, I don't know, but in the regular game it evolves by means of trade.

What is the difference between Pokemon Crystal version for Game Boy Color and Pokemon Crystal version Game Boy advance?

1st off there is only one pokemon crystal and that's for gameboy color so I'm not sure what u are talking about.

What is the worst fake pokemon game?

Pokemon Dark Cry version.

Is Pokemon liquid crystal real?

No, Pokémon Liquid Crystal is a fake game even though it is an available game that is playable. Liquid Crystal while it's an available playable game is not an unofficial game since it doesn't have approval from Nintendo, GameFreak or the Pokémon Company.

Where is brick break in crystal version?

There is no Brick Break in crystal version since it is a Gen II game and Brick Break was Introduced in Gen III

Is Pokemon Darkrai version fake?

Yes, Pokémon Darkrai Version is a fake, it's a hacked version of a Pokémon game. it must be a hacked version of Pokemon platinum,diamond or pearl. i havnt heard of that game before and Pokemon is very popular so if there was a game called Pokemon darkrai then there would be adverts on tv

How do i learn to surf on Pokemon perla version?

Pokemon perla is a fake game.

Where do you get chancey in crystal version?

you can get a chansey in route12,13,14,and 15 in crystal version

Where can you download a free Pokemon Crystal version game?

You can't download Pokemon crystal, it's illegal.Better, you must buy it. :)

How do you catch latios in Pokemon Crystal version?

Crystal is a GEN:2 game while Latios is a GEN:3 pokemon. (so no)

In the Crystal Version Pokemon why does Red not speak?

Because he is your character in the game Pokemon red and in that game your character does not speak.

How do you pley crystal version on the computer?

you need a visual game boy to play it on your computer

In Pokemon Crystal version how do you get to hoenn?

you can't, this game is the era before hoenn came out.

Is Pokemon emerald version 2 fake?

YES!!!!!! I bought it and it is a dog game YES!!!!!! I bought it and it is a dog game

How do you play Pokemon quartz version?

You can't. That is a bootlegger, or fake pokemon game that is probably a recoloration of another game.

How do you get a fake pokemon on pokemon emerald?

It is not possible to get fake Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get fake Pokemon in any Pokemon game is to play a hacked version.

How can you enter in the Petalburg gym in Pokemon perla version?

the game ends there, IT'S FAKE

Is Pokemon Arcoiris Version fake?

Its a hack game of RSE based in the orange islands

How do you trade Pokemon from gold version to crystal version?

If you can trade Pokemon from crystal version to gold version my guess is yes

How do you get fake Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You CANNOT get fake Pokemon in any version of the game. However, you may hack the game if it's a ROM, and mess it up as much as you want.

Where you can catch registeel in crystal version?

Registeel doesn't exist in crystal version.

How do you challenge Gym Leader Sissy to a race in Pokemon Naranja Version?

What is Pokemon Naranja version. I think the game you are playing is a fake!

How can you find hm cut in Pokemon naranja version although it is a fake game?

You cannot you idiot