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Curly, that would look so cute and more interesting


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nat wolff likes girls with curly hair better because it looks more intersting sorry straight hair people!

It depends on the person... Straight hair is cool, swaggish, and fun. Curly hair is hmmm..... I like straight better haha

if you want to look sexy go staright..if you want to look cute go curly

Curly, cuz if your hair is straight and thick, your curls wont stay long, if its straight and thin, the curls will stay long, but depends on the hair spray... when your hair is curly you can curl it better....

I like straight on some people and curly on other people. so they are both cool

they are all very nice but i think curly

No way to tell. Curly vs straight doesn't matter, only the toghness of the cable and the lock does. Curly or not, the strongest design is the better design.

no. her hair is a dullish, straight, brown.

curly because its better on her she thinks that her hair should be curly Brittney spears had curly hair but she she shaved all of it off

first straight hair is of course better than curly hair because straight hair is hot and you look better and older, but older in a good way.

Both really. Straight hair and curly hai can both look nice.

yes white people have curly hair too.white people have straight and curly hair.i'm white and i have curly dark brown hair.

Hair with movement and curls is in fashion now. Neither is better, both can be beautiful depending on what you do with it. Granted curlier hair is harder to manage but I find that curly haired people want straight hair and straight haired people would like to have curly.

Well,Whatever its(Straight or curly),it given by God, but okay,as a question it goes like, IF UR FACE IS SMALL AND ROUND, GO FOR STRAIGHT HAIR, AND IF LONG AND OVAL, GO FOR CURLY.

This depends on the alleles that each parent carries. The woman is homozygous recessive for both eye and hair traits (I have to write a disclaimer here as eye color inheritance is not this straight forward, but we will assume that it is for this example). If the father is heterozygous for eye color 50% of the children will have blue eyes. If the father is homozygous for brown eye color all children will be brown eyed. So, if B represents the allele for brown eyes and b represents the allele for blue eyes and C is for curly hair and c is for straight hair (another disclaimer here as this is another trait that is not so straight forward). Father BbCc Mother bbcc 25% Curly hair Blue eyes 25% Straight hair Blue eyes 25% Curly hair Brown eyes 25% Straight hair Brown eyes Father BBCC Mother bbcc all children will have Curly hair and brown eyes Father BbCC Mother bbcc 50% Curly hair Brown eyes 50% Curly hair Blue eyes Father BBCc 50% Brown eyes Curly hair 50% Brown eyes Straight hair

75% chance of having straight hair and 25 % chance having curly Alleles Curly (woman) Curly Straight Straight Straight (guy) Straight Straight Curly

It all depends on your own opinion because people with straight hair normally want curly hair while people with curly hair normally want straight hair, but it doesn't always apply for everyone.

No she had long straight dark-brown almost black hair

straighten it. straight hair is MUCH better than curly hair. x :)

That happen to my mom,She had dirty blonde she has brown hair. When you go in the sun too long it turns color.

Depends really, curly does seem to sometimes be an all around better choice, but for some taller girls, it looks better to have straight hair. -Guy Perspective

Yes he was blonde and straight that was cute now brown and curly I think. He should go back to straight.

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