Is defined as a system that combines meaningless elements such as sounds or gestures to form structured utterances that convey meaning?

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How do elements combine to form compounds?

There are several types of bonds possible. There are hydrogenbonds, covalent bonds, ionic bonds, and metallic bonds. Atoms form compounds by sharing electrons to create full-levelswhich keeps them balanced and uniform. The first level is 2electrons, the second is 8, the third is 18, and it keeps gro ( Full Answer )

How are elements combined to form a compound?

\n. \n Elements to Compounds \n. \nThe atoms within a compound can be held together by a variety of interactions, ranging from covalent bonds to electrostatic forces in ionic bonds. A continuum of bond polarities exist between the purely covalent bond (as in H2) and ionic bonds. For example H2 ( Full Answer )

Why elements combine to form compounds?

only the noble gases have completed outer (electron shell) rings. (They do not form compounds.) To complete their outer shell, all other elements must share electrons, thus: compounds. They want to be as cool as the noble gases :)

How do atoms combine to form elements?

Atoms don't combine to form elements, atoms are elements. Atoms are defined as the smallest particles that contains all the properties of an element. Atoms combine to form chemical compounds .

What does utter mean?

An utter is to make a noise with a voice,some say its where u get milk but its not that an udder A bovine mammary would actually be an udder . It is good you pointed out how close the two words are. Utter has two meanings. One is basically to say something or make a sound. The other is the most ( Full Answer )

Elements combine chemically to form what?

Elements form together to create compounds such as H2O-water it is just two hydrogen and one oxygen. This is also known as dihydrogenmonoxide (said- di...hydrogen...mon..oxide), without this coumpound there would be no living oranisms

What does gestures mean?

it is an act to show something like shaking your fist at someone shows that you are angry with them or pointing somewhere shows where something is

What does gestured mean?

Gestured means to have made a movement as a means of communicatingto someone. A sentence using the word gestured is, "Father gesturedwith his hand for the children to leave the room."

Elements combine to form a?

When elements are combined in a substance, the product is called a compound . For example, a water molecule is a compound molecule containing the elements hydrogen and oxygen.

What does uttered mean?

to give forth (a sound) otherwise than with the voice: The engine uttered a shriek.

What is the meaning of gestured?

archaic : CARRIAGE, BEARING . 2. a movement usually of the body or limbs that expresses or emphasizes an idea, sentiment, or attitude.. 3. the use of motions of the limbs or body as a means of expression.. 4. some thing said or done by way of formality or courtesy, as a symbol or token, or for i ( Full Answer )

What does gesturing mean?

\nIt means to make a sign. he was gesturing his disapproval by pointing his thumbs down.\nShe was gesturing the directions by pointing to the left.

The meaning of gestures?

they ways you can do something to show someone what you mean without using words. like if u raise your eyebrows, people may htink your surprised, and if you wave to someone, your meaning to say hi.

When elements combine they form what compound?

If the elements are both non-metals, they form a molecular compound. If they are both metals, they form a metallic bonds. If they are a metal and a non-metal they form ionic bonds (salts). (Ammonium salts are non-metals.)

How do elements combine to form molecules?

The atoms in elements combine to form compounds by forming bonds with other atoms. These bonds can be weak magnetic attractions, as in hydrogen bonding, or they can be strong attachments created when atoms share electrons, as in covalent bonding.

What elements combine to form a carbohydrate?

Reading the name will tell you. But check it out: If you see CARB in a chemical's name you know there's CARBon in it, right? And if you see "hydrate" or something like it, there's water in it--one part oxygen, two parts hydrogen. (When you "hydrate" before you run a race you drink lots of water, an ( Full Answer )

What do two elements combined form?

It would form a compund. For example, the most famous coumpoud is H 2 O. This compound is made out of two Hydrogen molecules and one oxygen.

What is formed when elements combine with oxygen?

"Oxygen and sulphur have similar chemical reactions. Sulphur burns in oxygen with a blue flame. It forms the oxide of sulpher called sulpher dioxide. The letters 'di' mean two, so dioxides contain two oxygen atoms." When elements combine with oxygen, you simply add 'dioxide' to the name.

What elements are combine to form a ruby?

A ruby is a pink to blood-red gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide). The red color is caused mainly by the presence of the element chromium. It is not a chemical compound with fixed ratios of elements, it is essentially Al 2 O 3 with some Al 3+ replaced by Cr 3+

What type of compounds form when element combine?

When a metal and a non-metal bond it forms an ionic compound. eg. Mg+O=MgO (Note. don't put an equals use an arrow instead) (Magnesium and Oxygen make Magnesium Oxide When two non-metals combine you can get one of two things; Covalent molecules or Giant covalent structures. The molecules are u ( Full Answer )

Which elements combine to form amalgams?

amalgams are special type of alloy. amalgams are alloy that combine mercury and other metals in the periodic table. the most abvious place you may have seen amalgams is in old dental work.

How do elements combine to form a stable compound?

There are two ways that elements can combine, depending on whether or not it is a metal or non-metal . non-metal to non-metal: they form covalent bond by sharing their electrons. For example, 1 carbon atom can combine with 2 oxygen atoms to form carbon dioxide. Each oxygen atom will share 2 elect ( Full Answer )

What kind of compounds do elements form when they combine?

It depends on what elements react as to what compounds they form. As examples a metal plus a halogen will give a salt. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen will most likely give an organic compound. More than 60.10 6 compounds are known today. Two or more elements combined form a molecule.

What elements can you combine to form an ionic compound?

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When elements combine are compounds formed?

If two or more different elements combine chemically, they make a compound. However, metallic elements can combine without forming compounds, instead forming the special class of mixtures called alloys.