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Selena Gomez is, Demi Lovato is too

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Selena Gomez is older than demi lavoto

Selena Gomez and Demi Lavoto meet while working together on the set of "Barney and Friends".

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez still friend

Both. Because they both play in each other movies and it very hard to pick.

They are both beautiful but Selena is cuter than demi

shops at maces and hang out with Demi Lavoto!

are you kidding they are beyond best friends

i think it was because Taylor swift wanted Selena Gomez as her friend and Selena had more fun with Taylor then demi lavoto

No. But they are best friends. They met when they were kids on Barney.

Demi and Selena are still friends they just had a little fight and I'm sure we will see more of them soon.

You can't audition but there is a movie staring Selena Gomez and Demi Lavoto thatthey shot in Puerto Rico.

selena gomez and demi lavoto were the only today famous kids

You are going to have to ask those girls yourself to find out.

Selena and Demi have kinda' stopped doing those shows, since they're apart, and Selena is thinking of starting a tour. :)

oh yeah right Selena and demi are much better then miley. and if i had a choice to say who was a better singer it would be demi .

no actually there frienship fell apart a couple mounths ago

she started on barney and friend when she was young with demi lavoto thats how she became famous

no Selena slept with demi lavoto

barny her and demi lavoto starred in that show for a long time thats how they became friends

it would be between Michel musso and Selena Gomez and demi lavoto

she invites all her friends epically demi lavoto to hang out and watch movies and eat pop corn!

demi was at a album signing when a fan came up to her and asked her "hows selena?" demi sarcastically replied, "ask taylor!"who was now selenas new bff. so demi left her best friend for fame

well u know Selena is way more richer because she has a producer who gives her mommy every time she makes a great song but she always makes a great song so she basically always gets money so that's why Selena Gomez is way richer than demi lavoto. I HATE SELENA GOMEZ CAUSE SHE TOOK JUSTIN AND JUSTIN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY BOYFRIEND. So Selena i hate Ur guts.

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