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No. A deposit, by legal definition, is not considered a bailment, but even if there was a question involved, all contracts with all commercial banks explicitly state that deposits of funds are a full title transfer of ownership to the financial institution. The fact that funds can be 'repaid' to you 'on demand' is incidental. When you make any bank deposit, you are giving up title to your funds to the bank, and the bank does not have to store them, and may do with those funds as it pleases. Your funds become the immediate property of the bank, in return for what is essentially an IOU.

Even a safe deposit box is not considered a bailment, since the box is sealed, and the bank cannot handle or control the goods. Valet parking, on the other hand, would be an example of one type of bailment.

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Q: Is deposit of money in bank a bailment?
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How do you deposit money in an account?

you can deposit at the bank

How do you put money on an account?

Walk into an ATM and deposit the money into your bank accountWalk into the bank branch (any bank that you have an account with) and deposit the money into your bank account

What is the verb for deposit?

Deposit is both a noun and a verb. She made a deposit at the bank. (noun) She was able to deposit the money at the bank. (verb)

Deposit in a sentence?

he went to deposit his money in the bank he had to deposit 20 dollars

What is money put in a bank?

A deposit

What is a deposit?

When you put money in a bank

What happens if a large deposit is made in a bank?

The bank would deposit a portion of the money with the central bank and then think of ways to lend this money and earn an income out of it.

I am a pakistani i have a lot of cash money now what bank account should i have to deposit money?

If you have a lot of cash, you will need to deposit the money in a bank in the town you live.

How do you deposit money Mafia Wars?

to deposit money in the bank you need more than what you want do deposit because the bank charges 10% of what you deposit. for example you want to deposit 1000000 dollars, you must posses 1100000 dollars to have the 1000000 dollars put in the bank.

What are the roles of deposit money banks on the economics growth of nigeria?

The role of deposit money bank in nation

What is Money put into an bank account called?

to deposit moneyA Deposit is the act of putting money into an account.

How does government sponsored deposit insurance affect your decision deposit money in a bank?

If the deposits in one bank are insured by the government sponsored deposit insurance whereas, in another bank this insurance is not available, it means that in case the first bank goes bankrupt, the government will give me my hard earned money that I put into my account with that bank, whereas it won't do anything if the other bank that does not have deposit insurance goes bankrupt and I stand to lose my hard earned money. So, I will deposit my money only in a bank that has the FDIC insurance on deposits available.

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