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Not at all, BroadBand Runs mutch faster than Dial-Up.

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Q: Is dial up better than broadband?
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How is broadband dsl internet better than dial-up?

Broadband is over 10 times faster than dial up. You will need broadband if you want to watch movies or listen to music from the internet on your computer. You can usually get basic broadband for around $20-$25 a month.

What are the feature of broadband?

It is faster than dial-up, and for dial-up you have to connect, but broadband is connected automatically when you start a computer.

Is broadband internet faster than dial-up?

Broadband can by 52 times faster than dial-up in some cases. Try to find a company in your area with cable Internet for the fastest service.

When is dial up internet a better choice than broadband?

Never, unless you like waiting for downloads and slow loading of pages. Broadband and 3G or 4G or 10 times faster

Why is broadband better than dial up?

Dial up travels across the analog portion of your telephone line while DSL is a digital signal that travels much faster and doesn't interfere with the regular analog phone line.

Does VoIP use a slow speed dial up connection?

It uses broadband connection to work better.

Is DSL faster than broadband?

Broadband is faster than any dial up connection usally by at least 10-30 times faster speed.

Is there a benefit to using broadband internet connections over dial up internet connections?

There are definite benefits to using broadband connections over dial-up. For one, broadband tends to be much faster than dial-up. Additionally, broadband does not require a phone line to connect. Dial-up connections are much more unreliable, as they frequently drop connection, and are also frustrating in that when using such a connection, ones phone line is unusable for phone calls.

Is dial-up a broadband connection?

Not At All.

Which one is faster dial up connections or broadband connections?

Broadband is faster.

Why is connecting using broadband better than connecting using a dial-up modem?

A broadband connection is usually much faster than any dial up connection and that in itself is an advantage. It also means that the person is paying a flat rate and so is able to use it much more than if they had to pay for everything.

How do you make dial-up faster than 45.2 kbps?

There's no way to make a Dial-up connection faster, not in this world at least. You really NEED to consider getting a Broadband connection, now-a-days no one uses Dial-up anymore. You can get speeds up to 15MB/s with a good Broadband connection.