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I think it possibly could be a sign. My baby stopped growing 6w2d and my diarrhea started that day, but I did not miscarry for 3 weeks. Once the baby stopped growing, I had diarrhea for 7 days straight - and that never happens to me.

Now I am pregnant again & I hit 6w2d yesterday and my diarrhea started again. The doctors feel my baby will not make it based on my 6w1d ultrasound, so this diarrhea could be a sign in my 2nd miscarriage.


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Cramps followed by diarrhea can be a sign of an eptopic pregnancy so you should visit your doctor to let them check it out.

no,it is a sign of miscarriage.

No, it is not. Go check for pregnancy at the doctors.

This could be a sign of pregnancy but if you are spotting as well it could be an early sign of miscarriage. You may want to go to the dr.

i know this is harsh but is; often a sign of a miscarriage

Diarrhea is not the cause of pregnancy.

For me it is. It is because the high hormone levels upset my stomach.

yes it can Answer It could be that you have eaten something but it can be a sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

While this happens to some women early in pregnancy, breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting are more typical signs of early pregnancy - diarrhea alone is seldom caused by pregnancy. Speak with your doctor or clinic if you are concerned.

Yes, They do. For example tenderness in breast is reduced, sign that you had a miscarriage as well as heavy bleeding n cramping.

A true period after a positive pregnancy test could be a sign of miscarriage. If you had a confirmed pregnancy call your doctor.

Generally clotting is not a sign of pregnancy. If you already knew you were pregnant, it could be a sign of miscarriage. You might be able to take an at home pregnancy test to find out whether you are pregnant or not. If it comes out positive, check with a doctor to test HCG levels. If you were pregnant it might be a miscarriage and if it's a miscarriage you'd want a doctor involved in case of any complications.

It may not be. That was my only symptom and I was having a miscarriage. It can be a very small amount and still be a sign of miscarriage. You should tell your doctor so they can check on the status of the pregnancy.

Yes diarrhea is okay in pregnancy.

you can have a miscarriage at any time of pregnancy

i do not think that is a sign of pregnancy I was once informed however that this may be a sign of an early term miscarriage, especially if your first "period" was late.

No it is not,most of time bleeding around that time, heavy bleeding is due to miscarriage. Spotting is normal, bleeding is a sign of miscarriage.

No, if you're having a miscarriage, the pregnancy test will still be positive as you're passing the pregnancy.

In some women it can be. But it really depends. Diarrhea can be a sign of a abdomonen upset or something that you've eaten causing you problems now. But do a test if your late for your period.

No. you are more than likely having a reaction to the caffene. Diarrhea is not a sign of pregnacy.

UTI is not a sign of miscarriage but if it goes untreated it can cause one. The blood can also come from the UTI. See a doctor ASAP.

Passing tissue early in pregnancy is not really normal, but it is common. It is usually a sign of a miscarriage. Generally there are cramping pains and blood loss as well. See a doctor to see if what you have seen is a miscarriage.

No its a sign of early miscarriage get checked sweetie

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