Is disregard a noun?


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the word 'disregard' can be used as both verb and an abstract noun:

v: to give little or no attention to. ignore.

n: lack of attention or respect

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Dis- is the prefix in disregard. -Ard is the suffix in disregard.

"Disregard the errors" I will now disregard everything, because I'm angry.

No. The word "disregard" has two PREFIXES: dis- and re-. If you mean "Can disregard take a suffix?" the answer is yes: disregarder, disregardful, disregarding.

The word disregard has a prefix.

"Disregard what I just said, I'm tired and not thinking straight."

He decided to disregard Bill's advice.

That is the correct spelling for the word "disregard" (to ignore).

Disregard means to pay no heed to; not to acknowledge.

Disregarded is the past tense of disregard.

No, it is not. Discount is a verb (to mark down, to disregard) or a noun (reduction in price). The past participle (discounted) may be used as an adjective.

The opposite of disregard (ignore) would be to regard, heed, or consider.

Perhaps 'heed' could be considered the opposite of disregard.

To ignore or leave alone. If you say, "Disregard my last statement" You're telling me to ignore, forget, or not follow whatever direction you gave me.

His disregard for the road rules got him banned from driving.Do not disregard the law.

The cast of Blatant Disregard - 1999 includes: Jennifer Barry

Feature as a noun means a characteristic, a highlight or special attraction, or a special article in a newspaper or magazine. There are no antonyms for the noun feature.Antonyms for feature as a verb that means to give prominence to, call attention to, or emphasize are disregard, ignore, mask, or divert attentionfrom.

The opposite of the verb abandon (leave behind, relinquish) would be to stay, retain, keep, hold, defend, or support. The opposite of the noun abandon (disregard) would be restraint, or self-restraint.

The opposite of the verb to help can be to hinder, impede, or harm. The opposite of giving help (refusing to help) is to ignore or disregard. The opposite of the noun help (aid) would be hindrance, obstruction, or harm.

The antonym of consider is to disregard

To ignore, disregard, or neglect

Avoidance and disregard are two.

disregard ignore neglect

Cancel, Disregard, Evict

criticize, neglect, disregard

There is no direct opposite of the noun, other than the lack of an impact. The opposite of the verb (to hit) could be to miss, or avoid. The opposite of the verb (to affect or influence) would be to bypass: to neglect, ignore, or disregard.

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