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If you're downloading it from a licensed site, which charges the user a fee based on membership or on a per song basis, then it's perfectly legal. Downloading music for free and not paying any licensing fee is illegal and an infringement of US copyright laws as well as those of the majority of other countries.

Giving music away that you paid for is illegal.

There are sites (notably musicians own home pages) that give away their own music. And there are sites that do have free downloads, paid for through advertising and similar promotions.

There are sites that have "free" music (not restricted by copyright).

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Q: Is downloading music illegal or legal?
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Is downloading music legal in the UK?

Downloading free and paid for music is legal in the UK. Downloading pirated music is illegal.

What download sites are legal?

limewire is illegal when downloading music

Is downloading from thepiratebayorg is illegal?

In general yes. downloading from a website is legal its what your downloading that is an issue. There are files on TPB that are legal but in general all music files, movies, software, and games are illegal.

Should music download be legal?

Downloading music is not and should not be illegal. Music downloads should be legal as long as they are paid for.

Is downloading music films videos illegal?

Yes, if the copy you're downloading is illegal or if you don't have a license to download a legal copy.

When is downloading music legal or illegal?

it may come with copyright laws

Is it illegal to download music?

Maybe... It depends on where you are downloading the music from. Some music is free to download and it is legal, but, not all music you can download for free is legal. If you download the music from a website that you pay for each song then it is legal. If you are downloading music for free from a file sharing website then that is illegal. If you download the music from a website that has legal rights to distribute that music and they give it free of charge then it would be legal.

Can you get in trouble for downloading music onto your computer?

No troubles if the download is legal (free music or you have paid for download). But downloading illegal music may bring you troubles. It all depends. If you download illegal music like from and its illegal. If you pay for the music like on i tunes than its legal. Just look at it like this if its free its illegal. Even Some websites offer legal free Music Downloads.

Is LimeWire illegal to download music off?

Limewire itself is legal, but downloading music off it for free is not.

Is downloading music off the Internet illegal?

Not if it is purchased or if it is provided by a licensed site. Programs like iTunes allow you to pay for downloading your music... that is legal.

Is 2conv legal?

many people say its illegal because you have not purchased it. but what its not technically downloading free music. its downloading the audio from a video. sharing music is illegal, but i dont see anything illegal about saving audio from a video

Is downloading YouTube videos illegal?

No it is totally legal there is a difference between music and videos ;)

What definition of illegal downloading?

Downloading is not illegal. What may be illegal is downloading content that you do not have a legal right to use or possess.

Is Bit Lord illegal or legal?

Bit lord itself is not illegal but the people who use it for downloading copyrighted music produced by artists is illegal.

Is it illegal to use utorrent to download music?

Utorrent is legal but downloading copyrighted music without paying isn't. If you pay first, then it's legal.

Is downloading songs from YouTube legal?

It is illegal to download songs from YouTube because it has copyrighted music.

Is downloading games from unlimitedgamesdownloadcom illegal or legal?

Its illegal

Is downloading songs from Ares illegal or legal?


Is downloading songs from Bareshare illegal or legal?

Its illegal

When did downloading music become illegal?

The downloading of music never became legal, for it was always illegal according to copyright laws. However, in 2001, the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA filed suits on companies allowing the download of music for free.

Is downloading songs from iTunes illegal?

No, artists get money for the music that you purchase on iTunes. It's perfectly legal.

Is downloading songs from Limewire legal or illegal?

LimeWire is completely legal. However, the purpose many people use it for is not. Downloading copyrighted music, videos, or programs without the permission of the author is illegal. This is called "copyright infringement" or "piracy."

Who suffers from illegal music downloading?

who suffers from downloading music on sites? EVERYONE DOES EVERYONE BUT YOU.

What is the best site for downloading free Christian music?

Downloading free music is illegal.

Is it illegal to download music from MP3 Skull?

While MP3 Skull operates a legal website, the act of downloading and keeping music on your computer or other device that you did not pay for is illegal.