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Yes, torrents are not licensed to carry copyrighted materials. There are a few legal TV sites where you can stream some shows. Hulu is one of them (if you are in the United States). See the related link below.

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Q: Is downloading the OC episodes off torrent websites illegal?
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What movie torrent websites are not illegal?

No websites for torrents are illegal. The act that is illegal is downloading a torrent from an individual without the production company receiving any contribution.

Where to download Yu-Gi-Oh episodes for free season 1 all episodes?

You can get the from torrent sites. But downloading them is illegal. So do it at your own risk.

Is downloading a torrent is illegal in US?


Is it illegal to use torrents?

It isn't illegal to use the torrent its self, however if you are downloading copyrighted stuff via torrent it is illegal.

Why are torrent websites illegal?

Torrent websites are not illegal in and of themselves, at least in most countries. However, certain torrent sites are used by many to share and download copyrighted material, which is illegal.

Where can you download ben ten episodes without using any torrent?

To download Ben Ten episodes, one has to use a torrent. However, episodes can be watching on streaming websites, and video websites.

Are torrent downloads illegal?

It depends on what file it is. If it is a open source\freeware game such as Xonotic, the downloading of the torrent is not illegal. However, it will become illegal if you download copyrighted games, movies, and music. I downloaded Xonotic via a torrent, and used UTorrent, and torrents seem to provide faster downloads, and the process of downloading is more CPU safe, if you want to know.

Where can one download a lesson about autocad in a torrent form?

You can download a torrent containing autocad lessons through websites such as Filebuzz, PirateProxy, and The Pirate Bay. Be warned downloading torrents that contain information you would otherwise have to pay for is illegal.

Where can one learn more about BT downloads?

BitTorrent (BT) Downloads are downloads from the BitTorrent torrent service. More information about how this works can be found at torrent news websites such as Torrent Freak and other sites such as CNET. Be sure not to use BitTorrent for downloading pirated movies and software as this is illegal.

Is downloading movies from rapidshare legal?

No. Uploading them is. Sharing copyrighted material on torrent sites is illegal.

Where can you watch friends episodes on your ipod touch?

itunes or youtube and torrent websites

Where can you download mass effect 2 free?

On a torrent website. Downloading pirated games is illegal, though.

Why wont your call of duty modern warfare torrent work?

Downloading copyrighted games is illegal. Asking how to perform illegal actions should be avoided.

Why will BearShare songs not transfer to iTunes?

If the song is copyrighted and you don't own it, then downloading it (for free) via torrent is illegal.

Does a visitor to a torrent website risk being arrested?

No, one cannot get arrested just for visiting a torrent website, however if a file is downloaded from that torrent site, it is breaking the law by illegal downloading which can lead to an arrest.

Where may an individual torrent audio books?

Individuals can torrent audio books on websites such as The Pirate Bay. Keep in mind, however, that a torrent of copyrighted material is illegal and should not be done.

How do you download a film or software with torrent?

You install a torrent program - Like uTorrent or BitTorrent, they'll automaticly start downloading the file you need, torrents can be found on numerous websites.

Where can you download Star Wars Episode 1?

Star Wars is a copyrighted film. Downloading it from a site that does not have rights to it is illegal. Downloading it from any torrent that may be hosting it is copyright infringement.

Where can download a bulk pack of dubstep songs?

You can get them using torrents. Search for torrent sites and search.You'll need a torrent downloader like μTorrent or BitTorrent. Do remember that downloading copyright material is illegal.

How do torrents work?

To download torrent files (.torrent) from any website you first need a program that will let you download those files in that format. A very reliable torrent downloading software is Utorrent, which can be downloaded for free downloading and installing Utorrent, you can simply go to any of the torrent websites I've listed below and search for torrent files. Remember that when you download the torrents, it will ask you whether to open or save the file. Select the 'Open with' option, and make sure the listed program to open with is 'Utorrent'.Here are some of the most popular torrent listing websites:- www.isohunt.comPlease Additionally Note: Downloading Files you do not have the copyrights for is illegal.

Is downloading from torrent legal or not?

The answer depends on what material you are downloading. The fact that it is a torrent is unimportant, the issue is whether or not you have a legal right to the material.

What types of downloads does 9Down offer?

9Down seems to offer torrent downloads. Torrent downloads can be anything from movies to music to games. Be forewarned, though, most torrent downloads are illegal and come with hefty fines if one is caught downloading them.

Where to download guardians of the galaxy torrent?

Questions regarding illegal downloading of files, software, videos, music, etc. are not permitted on this site.

Is 'bit torrent' illegal?

Torrent based downloads is simply a delivery system...u can use it for legal & illegal purposes. lots of legal software is downloaded using the bit-torrent protocol. I believe Nero allows downloading their software via torrents legally. the torrents are on their NERO site as an alternative.

Why do you need seed after downloading bit torrent?

Seeding a torrent after downloading it is a common courtesy to the peers that seeded it to you, and users who are downloading the torrent for the first time. It improves their download speeds, and in some cases, can even raise your download speeds for other torrents.