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Is dragonball af a joke?


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Dragonball AF is a joke, it is totally fake. Some kid just started a fake drawing and posted it online and it had Dragonball AF written on it so others copied and the kid kept drawing and it eventually took off with YouTube videos and modified footage of existing Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT footage. Sorry I was just as excited as you were I'm sure but it is totally fake.


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There is no dragonball af, it was a joke that they made on April Fools day (af) get it ha ha .

Dragonball AF was originally an April Fools joke. There's fan made manga but nothing official.

Dragonball AF means APRIL FOOLS. It's not real. It was a joke

Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It is a joke made by fans.

There are no plans for a Dragonball AF to be released. It was an April Fool's (AF) joke back in 1997.

Dragonball AF is a joke made by Akira Toriyama. AF stands for April Fools.

It doesn't exist because AF is a joke created by Akira Toriyama. AF stands for April Fools.

Dragonball AF doesn't exist. You may know it as Dragonball "After Future" etc. But the truth is, this is not real! It was a prank played to pretend it was being created But AF stands for April Fools. Yes, it was an April Fools joke ! - Karmeet

There is no Dragonball AF

Dragon ball AF is not real. It was an April fools joke and is now a fan made series

Dragonball AF was an April fool's joke in 1997 after the completion of Dragonball fanmade and has yet not been approved by the Writers of the show

Dragonball AF (AprilFools) does not exist.

No, Dragonball AF was an April fool's joke, complete with some art released to give the prank validity. AF = April Fool's. If you do search hard enough you will find fan art and fan fiction taking place in Dragonball AF, most notably Goku going Super Saiyan 5.

they are no episodes of dragonball af and af stads for "april fools"

No, anything Dragonball AF is fake.

DragonBall AF stands for April Fools

There i ssuch a thing as dragonball af but it is not a anime and it is not offical. Dragonball af is a fan mad emanga to carry on the series.

Dbzgt(Dragonball GT) AF can't be watched anywhere its a joke AF=April fools

AF is Fan made. There is no Anime, just Photoshop Images of Dragonball AF.

no where, dragonball af was a prank made up, the af means April fools.

Dragon ball AF is a hoax. It was a joke made by the producers just for a laugh. The name itself gives it away, AF stands for April Fools.

AF was a joke it standed for Aprils fools :( but u still watch it on youtube if u like fan made stuff

It means "April Fools." The name originated from the joke poster Akira Toriyama created, which features SSJ5 Goku on the front.

Dragonball AF is a non-existend and fanbased spin-off the Dragonball series. The statement that there would be a new series is based on a fanmade comic (manga) which was not made by the original makers. The original makers have stated, both in a conference and an article in Shounen Jump, that their will be no Dragonball AF. Simply said: Dragonball AF is fanfiction. Dragonball AF is not real.

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