Is dravet syndrome the same as down syndrome?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Is dravet syndrome the same as down syndrome?
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When was Dravet Syndrome Foundation created?

Dravet Syndrome Foundation was created in 2009.

What are the stmptoms of Dravet's syndrome?

You can see an overview of Dravet syndrome at: and learn about current research.

What medicines can be taken for dravet syndrome if you test positive for the scn1a gene?

A combination of stiripentol (diacomit), clobazam (frisium) and depakote has been the most successful combination for my son who has Dravet syndrome. You can get an overview of the syndrome and see information on research at

Is Down syndrome the same as Cohen syndrome?


Is Angelman syndrome the same as Down syndrome?

Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder, as is Down syndrome. But they are not the same. Angelman Syndrome involves a deletion of Chromosome 15, whereas people with Down syndrome have an extra copy of Chromosome 21.

Can a girl with down syndrome have a boyfriend?

Yes, a girl with Down syndrome can have a boyfriend, and many do. People with Down syndrome have the same relationship needs as people without Down syndrome.

Would parents pass down syndrome to their future children?

No. Parents who have a child with Down syndrome do not have an increased chance in having another child with Down syndrome. Everyone has the same chance of having a child with Down syndrome, 1%.

Why does Obama have economic down syndrome?

Presumably the same reason you have internet troll syndrome.

Is Down Syndrome the same as Marfan Syndrome?

No. Down is caused by an extra chromosome while Marfan is due to a mutation in one or more genes.

Where on earth does Down Syndrome most occur?

The number is the same everywhere.

Where does Down syndrome affect the most?

It is found in all places the same.

What is the genetic disorder for having three 21 chromosomes?

down syndrome