Is drug addiction considered a mental illness?

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Yes, because drug addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways.

Drug Addiction is defined by the DSM4 manual (any condition, if it does exist, is in this manual) as a "brain disorder". Therefore, drug addiction is an illness and it is very real and treatable.

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Is cigarette addiction considered a mental illness?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThere have been opinions about this by doctors, but what the thesis doesn't tell you is they have not done a proper controlled study of humans. They have taken only people suffering from mental illness. Of course many of these people smoke, but also, some of them don't ( Full Answer )

Is drug addiction an illness?

Many years ago both the American Medical Association and theAmerican Psychiatric Association decided Substance Abuse/Addictionis a disease-that also includes addiction to Alcohol. Drugs addiction is a serious disease that effects your health andsocial life. It can be even deadly (for example, 70.00 ( Full Answer )

Is depression considered a mental illness?

Emotionally yes, cognitively no. However, those who profit from the numerous medications given to those diagnosed with depression will disagree with my opinion aggressively. . I believe it is. I am 18 years of age and have suffered from it since I was 8. As a result of my depression I have suf ( Full Answer )

What is mental illness?

"Mental illness" is a category into which many kinds of diseases fall, such as depression, anorexia, schizophrenia, and others. If you have symptoms that effect your life but aren't necessarily physical--hearing voices, feeling depressed or suicidal, etc.--please reach out to community resources. Ta ( Full Answer )

Is recurrent depression considered a mental illness?

Answer . It really depends on the length of time you feel depressed and the the strength of the depression. Some people "feel" depressed or sad and some people "are" depressed.

Is mental illness considered a disability?

Well, the definition of a disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses or activities. For mental illness just like physical illness it depends on the severity. This is just my opinion.

Is drug addiction a lifelong illness?

Yes it absolutely is. That doesn't mean that you cannot stop usingdrugs, just that once you stop you will never be able to userecreationally again as chances are it will lead right back tofull-blown addiction. There are Russian treatment methods that have proved that drugsaddiction is not a lifelo ( Full Answer )

Is addiction a mental illness?

addictive behavior likely would be classified as mental illness. addiction can also be a physical illness

Help your mom has a mental illness and is in denial. How can I make her see that she isn't thinking things clearly and how can I get her to consider taking medication for her illness?

Difficult question, but let's try. You mention mental illness and medicine, but you don't mention if your mother has been seen and diagnosied by a professional, nor whether the medication you refer to was actually prescribed.. If your mother is not clinically diagnosed, it's important to note that ( Full Answer )

Can mental illness be considering the same as having diabetes?

\n. \n. \nNo. There is no connection at all.\n. \nHOWEVER: the reduced transfer of glucose to brain cells caused by failure to take diabetic medication can cause mental aberrations in the short term. These can include headaches, hand tremors, extreme irritability including rage, inability to th ( Full Answer )

Why is addiction an illness?

\nConditions of the body or mind that cause pain, dysfunction, or distress to the person afflicted or those in contact with the person can be deemed an illness. (Wikipedia).

What drugs can cure mental illness?

most commonly, antidepressants, mood stablizers, anti psychotic. depends completely on what illness is being treated

Mental illness how do they get that?

usually it is already latent, and may have been worsened by your surroundings e.g. a traumatic event, stressfull home life e.t.c can also be hereditry added There is three ways to "get" mental illness 1. Hereditary - Mental Illness can and usually is passed down from generation to generati ( Full Answer )

Is alcohol or drug addiction a lifelong illness?

Alcohol and drug addiction can potentially become a lifelongillness when this problem is not addressed immediately. Thetreatment process will depend on the duration of drug addiction.Drug and alcohol intervention along with counseling can be a key toa successful recovery of a patient. Answer2: Drug ( Full Answer )

Is a Drug or alcohol addiction a lifelong illness?

Yes, drugs and alcohol are both illnesses meaning, once you start, you cant stop. Even with all the new medicine they give you that is supposed to make you stop, people who smoke, or drink don't really commit to it and don't really feel like stopping!

When a drug user who is physically addicted to a drug tries to get off that drug he gets physically ill the sickness will disappear when the drug is taken again?

Yes, that's correct. Some drugs -- including alcohol and opiates -- are physically addictive, which means that a round-the-clock user who suddenly stops taking the drug will get very, very sick, and can even die. . Death from opiate withdrawal is very rare, and usually only happens to users who are ( Full Answer )

What is mental illeness?

Mental illness is marked by the inability to cope withcircumstances in life. It is marked by a set of behaviors whichdoes not lead the person to where they wish to go in life.

Why is drug addiction considered a physiological condition?

it is because once a neuron or synapse has been altered by a drug, it cannot function normally unless the drug is present, so with repeated exposure to a drug a person addicted to the drug develops tolerance to the drug.

Who can get a mental illness?

You - or anyone else on this earth. There is three ways to "get" mental illness 1. Hereditary - Mental Illness can and usually is passed down from generation to generation. It can skip generations and doesn't always show as the same mental illness it can be any of the diagnosis (Dx) 2. Environmen ( Full Answer )

What drug are considered addictive?

cocaine, crack, heroin ,ecstasy, alcohol. There are others, but these are def. at the top for addictive drugs

Are people with depression considered mentally ill?

Depression & Bipolar are classified as 'Mental Illnesses' as they stem from a chemical imbalance in the brain. My opionion is that having an illness that is classified as a 'Mental Illness' doesn't make you mentally ill or crazy. Unfortunatelly many people who suffer from depresssion/bi polar have ( Full Answer )

Is mental illness is consider a terminal illness?

A terminal illness is one that cannot be cured or effectively treated and carries a likely prognosis of death. Mental illnesses would not be considered terminal as they are not physical in nature, and therefor not cause death by one simply having the illness.

Is Committing Murder Considered A Mental Illness?

It depends. On what kind of murder, and why it was done. If it was done for no good reason, just because your bored, then yes, it's an illness. But its because you think it s a good reason, (which it isn't) then it wouldn't be an illness

Is video game addiction a mental illness?

All addictions are considered a psychological problem. You can determine if playing video games has become an addiction when it begins to get in the way of your other necessary activities, e.g. you get to school/work late because you cannot stop playing, you frequently miss dates, you stop taking ( Full Answer )

What will mental illness do to you?

The brain is the physical representation of the mind. The health of the brain depends on the state of the mind. The state of the conscious mind is dependent on the state of the subconscious mind therefore the health of the conscious mind and brain is dependent on the level of truth in the subconscio ( Full Answer )

Why is drug addiction considered a deviant behavior?

a full blown addiction will make people do things they normally wouldn't do to get drugs they will even begin ruining there bodys while there tolerance grows and the amount they use also grows and the frequancy of the use grows to society, crime is detremental its not like a society to condone ( Full Answer )

How frequently does a person have to take drugs to be considered addicted?

It depends on numerous factors, including how you define "addicted". A person may be physically dependent or psychologically dependent on a drug. An example of physical dependence is a heroin addict who has loose stools, cold sweats, hot flashes, body aches, nausea and other symptoms when heroin use ( Full Answer )

Are people with mental illness consider crazy?

It depends on what you grow up with saying. If you have a mental illness then it just means your mind acts a different way. So you are not considered crazy. You just have something wrong that may be able to fix.

How do you get mental illness?

There is three ways to "get" mental illness 1. Hereditary - Mental Illness can and usually is passed down from generation to generation. It can skip generations and doesn't always show as the same mental illness it can be any of the diagnosis (Dx) 2. Environmental- Child abuse, rape, trauma etc can ( Full Answer )

How do you you get mental illness?

you can't get a mental illness you are born with it i am only 11 and i know this how stupid are you people

Who can write drug prescriptions for people who suffer from mental illness?

In the United States, a psychiatrist (a physician with further specialization in mental/psychiatric illnesses), a regular physician (MD or DO), a Physician Assistant (PA) working under the supervision of such physicians. or a psychiatric or other Nurse Practitioner (NP) may prescribe psychiatric/psy ( Full Answer )

What is the relationship between drug abuse and mental illness?

Drug abusers, commonly referred to as addicts, suffer from mental illness. This results from the effect of the drug and also in their strong addiction; they lose their mental stability when they don't obtain their drug dose on time.

Is dyslexia considered a mental illness?

No. Dyslexia is a learning disability. While coded in the DSM IV, such disabilities are not considered a form of mental illness. Instead they are considered developmental disabilities.

When a drug user who is physically addicted to a drug tries to get off that drug he gets physically ill the sickness will disappear when the drug is taken away twice true or false?

There are a number of different addictive drugs and they do not all produce the same intensity or persistence of withdrawal symptoms. I have no idea where you would get the idea that taking away a drug twice causes all withdrawal symptoms to disappear. For a drug such as heroin, there can be weeks o ( Full Answer )

Why drug addiction consider to behavior?

Drug addiction compels the addict to engage in a specific type of behavior, which is to consume the drug to which he or she is addicted. Nicotine addicts smoke cigarettes. Smoking is a type of behavior. We could describe addiction as a medical condition, which leads to a type of behavior. The behavi ( Full Answer )

How do you prevent the illness of drug addiction?

In yourself, the best way to prevent becoming addicted to drugs is to not ever take them in the first place, and avoid places where drugs are used, and avoid those who do drugs. Whether that is practical or not is another matter. You should remind yourself often of the possibility of becoming addict ( Full Answer )

Drugs for mental ill ness?

Some types of medications for mental illness are Celexa.Amytriptaline, Paxil, and Wellbutrin. These types of medications represcribed by a physician and are closely monitored.

Exatly drugs for mental illness?

Mood stabilizer medication, which is used to treat bipolar illness,has able to exactly replace a missing brain enzyme to treat mentalillness.