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Is earth brighter than a red dwarf star?

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No. While a red dwarf star is quite dim compared to the sun. Viewed from up close, such a star would still be blindingly bright.

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How can you tell if a star is brighter than another?

The star might be closer to the Earth, or it is just brighter than the others. :D

Why is the sun called a dwarf star?

I wouldn't consider a star that is in the top 10 percentile (less than 10% of the other stars are brighter or bigger than our Sun) a "dwarf".

Is the sun brighter than white dwarfs?

yes a white dwarf is like the mash potatoes and the sun is the the chicken ...The person who wrote this was not only mentally disturbed but also wrong on all accounts: firstly, metaphorically they screwed up. Secondly the actual answer is that a White Dwarf Star is brighter than our "Sun" of which is an ordinary Star, formed from the Stellar Nebula. A White Dwarf Star is denser than a regular star and contains a brighter form of white light.

What star is brighter than Sirius?

Observed from Earth there are no brighter stars at the night sky. If you see something that is brighter, it will be a planet.

Why is a red giant star brighter than a white dwarf?

A white dwarf might be hotter, but a red giant is much, much bigger so it has a larger surface to radiate more radiation. So It will appear much brighter than a white dwarf.

Why would a star that is farther than earth be brighter than a star closer to earth?

same as:Why_would_a_star_that_is_farther_away_from_earth_be_brighter_than_a_star_that_is_closer_to_earth

Is Sirius A an Earth-like star?

No. There is no such thing as an "earth-like star" as Earth is a planet, not a star. Sirius A is a star that is larger and brighter than the sun.

What is a brighter star?

A star that is brighter than another.

Explain why a cooler star could actually appear brighter than a hotter star?

A cooler star could actually appear brighter than a hotter star because in is not just about the temperature is also depends which one is closer or further away from Earth. Therefore if a cooler star was closer to Earth than a hotter star then the cooler one would appear brighter.

The apparent magnitude of a star is a measure of its?

The apparent magnitude of a star is a measure of its brightness as seen from Earth, the lower the number, the brighter a star is. Ex. a star that has an apparent magnitude of -20 is WAY brighter from Earth than a star with a apparent magnitude of 20.

Star A is a first magnitude star Star B is a sixth magnitude star Which star is brighter and by how much?

A magnitude 1 star is 100 times brighter than a magnitude 6 star.A magnitude 1 star is 100 times brighter than a magnitude 6 star.A magnitude 1 star is 100 times brighter than a magnitude 6 star.A magnitude 1 star is 100 times brighter than a magnitude 6 star.

Is white dwarf larger than a main sequence star?

No. A white dwarf is much smaller than a main sequence star. Some are about the same size as Earth.

Is the sun larger than a white dwarf?

YES. A typical white dwarf star is only a bit bigger than the Earth.

Is Sirius brighter than the evening star?

No. As seen from Earth the "evening star," which is actually the planet Venus, is the second brightest object in the night sky. Only the moon is brighter.

Why would a supergiant have a brighter absolute magintude than a white dwarf?

A supergiant is much larger than a white dwarf. A supergiant can be 10 to 70 times the size of our Sun, whereas a white dwarf is only about the size of the Earth.

What size is a white dwarf star?

Generally, they are not much bigger than the Earth.

Why would a star that is farther away from earth be brighter than a star that is closer to earth?

Stars vary widely in size and brightness. A nearby white dwarf star may produce much less light than a much more distant blue giant, in the same manner that a far off floodlight may outshine a close-by candle.

How bright is the brightest star from earth if every star were the same distance from earth?

It is R136a1 and has an absolute magnitude 10 million times brighter than our sun

Why do some dwarf stars appear brighter than giant stars?

Because they are closer or actually brighter.

Is a third magnitude star 10 times brighter then a 4th magnitude star?

No. A magnitude 1 star is 100 times brighter than a magnitude 6 star. A star that is one magnitude brighter than another on this scale works out to be around 2.5 times brighter.

Is a white dwarf smaller than a red dwarf?

Yes, far smaller. A red dwarf is a whole star in and of itself. A white dwarf is the collapsed remnant of the core of a low-to medium mass star. A white dwarf may be about the size of Earth.

Is the sun a red dwarf?

No. Red dwarfs are M-type main sequence stars. The sun is A G-type main sequence star, also called a yellow dwarf, larger and much brighter than a red dwarf.

How is it possible for a star that is actually brighter than another star to appear dimmer to an observer on earth?

becuase he needs his catarax doneAnother AnswerThe brighter star may be farther away or obscured by space-borne dust.

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