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It makes no difference at all, unless the man has a sexually transmitted disease, in which case it is definitely not good for her health. I don't believe that there is any health reason to swallow sperm, but on the other hand (other than STD's) I don't believe that it's unhealthy either. Make sure that this person is disease free and monogamous (or at least practices safe sex).

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โˆ™ 2009-07-29 13:18:19
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Q: Is eating sperm healthy
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Is eating own sperm healthy?

It is some what healthy but too much of it can kick in later

How can you make your sperm thick?

You cant make your sperm "thick" you can try thou by just eating healthy.

How can you produce healthy sperm?

By not smoking, drinking, not doing drugs and not drinking/eating caffeine products. studies show that when not doing the top followings you will produce healthy sperm.

What can men do to raise sperm count.?

To raise a sperm count, you could start by eating a healthy diet. Cut back on smoking and alchol consumption, as well!

Is eating your own sperm unhealthy?

Eating sperm is harmless to the body

What makes a healthy sperm?

what should one eat in order to have healthy sperm

Can you increase a very low sperm count?

Yes by eating very healthy and not masturbating for a few days hope it helped

Can you die from eating sperm?

noooo you definitely CAN'T die from eating sperm!

Will I be told if my sperm is healthy or unhealthy?

Will I be told if I have a healthy or unhealthysperm count if I donate Will I be told if I have a healthy or unhealthy sperm count if I donate

Does abstinence increases sperm count?

In the short term , yes . After each ejacualtion the sperm count decreases if ejaculatining multiple times in a row. However stopping smoking , reduced drinking alcohol and healthy eating will significantly increase sperm production in a healthy male over the longer term, leading to better chances on conception.

Is women's sperm healthy for men?

Women do not produce sperm.

Is eating fish healthy?

yes, eating fish is in face healthy for you. it as very healthy, nutrishious meat

Is yellow sperm healthy?


How do you stay healthy and why is it important?

By eating healthy food and not eating junk food

Is sperm eating good?


Is sperm healthy for a womans skin?

yes very healthy!!!!

Do polos lower sperm count?

No, eating polos will not lower your sperm count. How ever eating a fatty diet can reduce a mans sperm count by 40%

Is your sperm healthy is if have weak erection?

i have weak erection and i wonder if i still could have a baby with my wife . is my sperm still healthy ?

Is it healthy for a girl to swallow sperm?

I'm not sure if it is healthy, but the acidic juices in the stomach will naturalise sperm if ingested as it is alkaline.

What is sperm count in healthy man?

60 to 120 million/ml is the sperm count in case of healthy adult male.

Is watery sperm bad?

It may not be healthy , thicker the sperm the better.

Is seman healthy?

my sperm is active 60 % is my sperm ok or not ok

Which testicle does sperm come from?

If both are healthy, both will produce sperm.

How do Italians stay healthy?

by eating healthy

Is sperm healthy for a girl?