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Is electric water heater best to use with oil boiler?

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Domestic coil in boiler better than electric water heater.

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What is the best electric heater for in-ground pool?

Hayward has a good electric heater. visit www.askpoolquestions.com for more information

What are your options for changing my hot water setup when my water is heated by a oil boiler now?

The best option is to put in a separate water heater for the summer and and other warm months when you don't need to run the boiler for heat. When it is winter and the boiler is running to heat the house it will heat the potable water as well. By switching back and forth you will save money on your oil bill.

Who makes the best electric wall heater?

vaillant and vokera are the best.

What are some of the best rated brands of electric stove heaters?

Some of the best rated brands of electric stove heaters include the Dimplex Electric Flame stove, the Merlin Electric Heater Fireplace and the Bionare fireplace Heater stove.

What is the best electric tankless water heater for a mobile home?

If you have a barnett in your area get a Noritz 531 there are indoor and outdoor models and natural gas and LP models. WATER SOFTENER IS RECCOMENDED FOR ANY TANKLESS WATER HEATER IF HARD WATER IS PRESENT. I power my house with this but i only have one bathroom. I do not reccommend electric tankless

What kind of heater would best be suited for a sunroom?

An electric heater is perfectly safe. That's the only downside to having a sunroof, your heat prices increase dramatically! An electric heater is a great solution.

What is cheaper to run gas water heater or electric water heater?

Answergas heater is cheaper by far !!!!!!AnswerThis is entirely dependent on the cost of energy in your area.AnswerTalking from experience, we installed a Titan Tankless N180 electric water heater 8 months ago and it uses approx. 300kw of power with an approximate cost of $50 per month. We have 5 members in the family, and live in Southern California. My best estimate from a comparative analysis on the gas savings is we're only saving between $10 to $15 per month. Electric water heater seems to make sense for vacation homes or where gas is not available.

What is the best gas water heater?

Anyone has a good gas water heater, but Bradford White is a decent unit.

Where can a hot water heater be purchased?

The plumbing in my house needs replacing. Which is the best hot water heater on the market?

Water Heater Reviews?

form_title= Water Heater Reviews form_header= Hot water is essential for daily life. Get the best water heater. Are you replacing an old water heater?*= () Yes () No How old is your home?*= _ [50] Will you install the unit yourself?*= () Yes () No

What is the best type of water heater out there in the market?

These solar water heaters are expensive, but worth the investment. Since they are sun-powered, expect for the saving when it comes to your electric bill. You can save more in the long run.

What is the best water heater for someone with low usage?

My elderly mum has moved to a small flat. What would be the best water heater for a single person with low usage?

To made House use electric heater which element is better?

The best element to use is a 3 phase electric heater that has a guard over the element protecting you from brushing against the hot part and stopping the element from starting a fire if the heater is pushed element down onto the floor

When do I need to get a new hot water heater?

well, the sign that you can't get hot water is probably the best indicator that you need a new water heater to be purchased and installed in your home.

What is a good brand of outdoor patio heater?

According to cosumersearch.com, the best outdoor patio heater is Solaira All-Season Quartz Patio heater. It is a weather-proof 1,200-watt electric heater that hangs on the wall and plugs into an ordinary outlet.

What is the best electric heater for a 15 x 30 above ground pool?

The volume of a pool this size is 12,000-18,000 gallons. This requires a heater that can put out about 150,000-175,000 BTU/hour. No electric heater is efficient at that range so you'll probably have to use a gas or propane heater. You ''could'' get by with a rather inexpensive 100,000 BTU heater in the $600-$700 range, but you will have to plan your swimming in advance because it will take that unit about 24 hours to raise the temperature of the water 15 degrees. ---If you are lucky. Other systems can do it faster, but it will cost more.

What is the best space heater for people with asthma?

Unassisted convection room heaters are ideal for people with Asthma. Any heater that is classified as an unassisted convection heater would be suitable. Try the Envi High-Efficiency Whole Room Plug-In Electric Panel Heater.

What type of heater is used to heat the air inside a neonatal incubator?

The best heater is the electric heating tube between (100-500)Watt it cost about 0.5-2 USD

Who makes the best gas water heater?

Anyone with an ASME commerical rating

What do electric Pokemon work best against?

Electric Pokemon fight best against water and flying types. When it comes to defense, electric, flying, and steel Pokemon do not attack electric Pokemon well.

What can hurt water Pokemon?

Grass or electric are your best bet

Advantages of a Combi Boiler?

The phrase combi boiler is used to refer to a combination boiler. The combi boiler is one of the most popular types of boilers installed throughout the UK. Because they save space, improve efficiency, and save money, it is not a surprise that they have become so popular. In a typical boiler, water in a storage tank is heated up by a copper cylinder. The process is somewhat different with a combi boiler. In this case, the water that is used for your radiators is also used as the source of hot water in the home. In this way, the combi boiler takes care of two issues at the same time. Since the water is used for both purposes, it is called a combination boiler, since both of these features have been combined into a single device. The best thing about a combi boiler is the fact that it heats the water up on demand instead of heating up an entire storage tank. For this reason, once a faucet has been turned on the water is hot right away. Energy is also saved due to the fact that water which is not being used does not have to be constantly heated. The amount of money saved and energy conserved is well worth the investment. Through the use of a combi boiler, hot water is always available. The water that is used to heat up the radiator is continually recycled and passed back through the boiler, continuously providing you with hot water for as long as it is needed and as long as the boiler is working. This type of boiler is a great deal more efficient than a traditional boiler. The amount of gas and energy that is used in the process is much lower because of the fact that the energy is used on an on-demand basis. Throughout the UK, the water heater is one of the most energy consuming devices in the home. Most of this energy is wasted because of the fact that the water needs to be kept constantly hot in order for their to be hot water available at all times. The device saves space as well.

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