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My boiler has just broken down. Where can purchase the best water heater on the market?

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Q: Which companies supply the best water heaters?
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What are the best environemntally fiendly gas water heaters?

Rheem provide a series of high efficiency gas water heaters. Several different companies also provide tank-less water heaters, which are very efficient, as well as solar water heaters.

What are the best hot water heaters?

Rheem or Ruud. G.E. water heaters are made by them also.

What are some of the best rated brands of ceiling heaters?

There are a number of companies that manufacturer ceiling heaters. Some of the best rated brands of ceiling heaters are Broan, NuTone, Modine and Winchester.

What is the best brand for electric water heaters?

There are many great brands for electric water heaters. One of the best is called Kenmore. Some others reputable brands include State Industries as well as Rheem.

What is the top electric hot water heaters company on the market today?

One of the best electric hot water heaters on the market is Reliance Lowboy and Reliance 80 gal. The are sold at Ace Hardware. There is a web site that rates hot water heaters and that is They list all the top rated electric and gas hot water heaters.

What features should I compare to determine the best water heaters?

To determine the best water heaters, you should know the size you need and the model. You can read more at

What is the best brand of water heaters?

There are many good brands of water heaters. Rheem makes a very good model. For someone who wants to save some water, EcoSmart, has models for home use that keeps down on water cost.

What type of water heaters have good recommendations?

What type of water heaters have good recommendations? I wouldn't really care for water heating unless my water isn't cold. But the best two I recommend would be Rheem Water Heater, and Utah Water Heater Company.

Are maytag water heaters reliable?

Maytag water heaters are some of the best on the market. They include a great warranty and some surpass the warranty a great deal. Maytag would be one of the brand that are recommended.

Where can I find the best prices on walk in bath tubs?

Your best bet is to check with your local medical supply companies. These companies offer walk in bathtubs.

What popular stores sell affordable water coolers or dispensers?

Most office supply companies offer affordable water coolers and dispensers. Some of these places include Sam's Club and Homedepot. Best to compare prices for a few different companies to ensure you obtain the best deal.

What are the best spa heaters?

Natural-gas spa heaters are the best for rapid and energy-efficient water heating. Sta-Rite and Hayward are the leading brands for these types of heaters. Look for high BTU output (for rapid heating) and a corrosion-free stainless steel burner.

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