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Is electricity a renewable source?


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Our primary source is still coal, and that is not renewable

Not in the literal sense of the words "Mechanical Energy". It depends on the source of the mechanical energy.If the source is renewable, like solar or wind generated electricity, then the mechanical energy is renewable.If the source is non-renewable, like electricity from burning oil, then it is non-renewable.

Depends what the source of electricity is.

Electricity is not renewable. It is a energy transmission method. The source it comes from may be. Wind power, etc is renewable. Oil, coal etc is not.

depends on source of said electricity, comes from both renewable and non renewable depending on plant and locale, but renewable more often than not (hydro)

Hydro-Electricity is a Renewable source of energy, meaning that it will last forever.

Every renewable energy source produces electricity. (Hydropower/Dams, Wind Power, Solar Power)

Electricity is a produced energy not a source energy. It is produced from both renewable and non renewable energy sources.

No, it is neither renewable nor fossil fuel.Hydrogen is a secondary energy source that needs a primary energy source to be produced.It is as electricity.Both hydrogen and electricity are secondary energy sources that are produced either by renewable or fossil primary energy sources.

Water (hydro electricity from dams).

Renewable. Hydropower, also called hydroelectric power, is the technique of harnessing the power of water to create electricity. It is the world's leading source of renewable energy.

It is not a renewable source since it is a fossil fuel, or an energy source which takes millions of years to create.

The turbines (mills) themselves are non-renewable but the wind the power source that is converted into useful work (usually electricity) is renewable.

Yes Hydro Power (Electricity) is produced from a renewable resource (water).

Electricity itself is irrelevant it is the powers source used to generate the electricity that matters. If the electricity is generated in a coal, oil, or natural gas power station then the electrical energy produced is from an non renewable resource. If however the power is generated using wind, or water then the energy produces is form a renewable resource.

The moon's gravitational pull is the source of a renewable energy source. The moon controls the tides, that is where we get tidal energy. We often convert this into electricity.

Wind, water, solar and other renewable sources of power can all be harnessed to generate electricity.

Yes, electricity is a renewable resource.

any sort of renewable source of electricity is on high demand as we need to stop using non-renewable sources

One renewable source of energy is solar energy. You can get solar energy from using solar panels. The Renewable Sources of Energy are: Solar Power Hydro Electricity Wind Power Biomass Geothermal

No, electricity is not a renewable source of energy .Renewable source of energy is referring only to the type of what we call the primary source of energy which is either renewable like solar or exhaustible like coal or oil.Electricity is a secondary source of energy which depends on the primary source of energy for its production. Electricity may be called also energy carrier. Energy carrier means the transportable form of energy produced from power plants.Accordingly electricity, by definition, is not renewable source of energy but it is secondary source of energy or energy carrier.And how will you generate that electricity? Direct from light? Chemical sources like a battery? Created from a generator driven by a mechanical source like steam, with the heat to make steam derived from nuclear power, or burning something like coal or fuel oil or something else, or perhaps pulled from geothermal sources? Solar heat to create the steam? Grabbing the mechanical energy of falling water or the ocean's tides to turn a generator? There are more. Electricity is electromagnetic energy. It must be generated from another energy source. Do some looking around (backtrack) and consider how the electrical energy, which is energy which has been converted into electricity from another energysource, is made.

Yes, but it isn't a great energy source. Lightning is hard to "catch", and doesn't generate a lot of electricity.

No, wind is renewable. If you use it today to generate electricity, then it will come back again and you can use it again.

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