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Is electroshock therapy safe?

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Safer than depression. You have every right to be concerned because often when one hears about electro shock therapy they often see images of a monster of a doctor hanging over you, a rubber mouth-piece inserted between your teeth (so you don't crack your teeth or swallow your tongue) and the list of horrors goes on on. Don't fret, it's not like it use to be. Up until the 50's no anesthesia was give, but it's different now. Before having this procedure done talk to the doctor that will be performing it and if you don't like the answer to your questions then don't do it! Electroconvulsive therapy involves inducing a grand mal seizure in a patient by passing an electrical current through the brain. It used for untreatable depression or bipolar affective disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety disorders. In these cases, it is considered a safe and effective procedure, when carried out under a clinical protocol which involves EEG monitoring, application of muscle blocking agents and general anesthesia or sedation.

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When did electroshock therapy stop?

Electroshock therapy is still practiced today, and there has been a resurgence in the technique in the last few years.

Is a neuropsychological evaluation like electroshock therapy in any way?

No, a neuro-psychological evaluation is not like electroshock therapy in any way.

What is it like to have electroshock therapy?

here is my musical description:

Treatment used in the snake pit movie?

Electroshock therapy, administration of a "truth serum", and hydrotherapy.

How is schizophrenia treated?

Schizophrenia is treated by medication, especially antipsychotics. It is also treated by therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Methods of treating schizophrenia that are now out of use include psychosurgery and electroshock therapy.

During what diagnostic tests is the anesthesiologist present?

during cardiac catheterizations, angioplasties, radiological imaging, gastrointestinal endoscopies, in vitro fertilization , electroshock therapy, and respiratory therapy

What are conventional ways to treat depression?

The most common way of treating depression is a combination of both medications and therapy. Severe depression can be treated with Electroshock Therapy but it's rarely used.

What are some of the common treatments for bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is most commonly treated with medication and therapy. In difficult cases, psychiatric hositalization is sometimes necessary, and other treatments including electroshock therapy are also available.

Will insurance cover for electroshock therapy?

Yes, I just read a British report on insurance and ECT. It said that Medicare pays for ECT as do many other US insurance companies.

Therapys used in one flew over the cuckoos nest?

God its been ages since i watched it.... Group therapy (psychoanalysis), electroshock i think, frontal lobotomy certainly....

When was Electroshock - Kate Ryan album - created?

Electroshock - Kate Ryan album - was created in 2010.

Is Ovation Cell Therapy hair shampoo safe for children?

Type your answer here... Is ovatiuon cell therapy safe for kids?Age 13-16

What about major depression is correct?


Is stem cell therapy for hair safe?


Is exercise therapy safe for people with heart conditions?

Exercise therapy can be perfectly safe for individuals with certain manageable heart conditions. As long as the program is adjusted to cater to potential problems, exercise therapy can greatly benefit anyone.

Radiation therapy is?

Radiation therapy is not a contraindication to having periurethral bulking therapy, so it's safe to try. However, results have not generally been as good as in someone without therapy.

Can electricity be used to change the outlook of the brain?

Yes. The discipline is called electroconvulsive therapy, and (under proper medical supervision) can be used to treat mental disorders such as major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. The layman's term for it is electroshock therapy, but many practitioners avoid that term, considering it somewhat derogatory.

In one flew over the cuckoo's nest what does Ellis spend most of her day doing?

Ellis is a man, firstly. He was made a vegetable by electroshock therapy and essentially just hangs off the wall where he is propped up and does nothing.

Is testosterone replacement therapy safe?

Testosterone Replacement therapy is generally considered safe. As with any other medical treatment, it isn't for everyone and you should contact your doctor with any questions or concerns.

Besides medication, what are some of the treatment options used in depression treatment centers?

In addition to medication, patients undergo individual and group therapy, and learn to channel their feelings into positive creative projects. In rare instances, electroshock therapy is still offered. Depression can be treated with herbs and exercise. Meditation also helps out a lot.

Where do you find the electroshock boots?

in a skyboarding race called vertigo.

What actors and actresses appeared in Electroshock - 2011?

The cast of Electroshock - 2011 includes: Ariane Aggiage as Mady Laetitia Barbara as Niky Philippe Peythieu as All Background Characters

What does ECT mean?

ECT is Electroconvulsive therapy. Also known as electroshock, it is a type of psychiatric treatment in which seizures are electronically induced in patients who have been anesthetized. It is often used for patients experiencing severe depression. For more information, see the Related Link.

How can you rid of major depression?

For extreme cases, electroshock therapy used to induce a grand mals seizure has been clinically show to reduce depression. On lesser cases, Select Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are used as anti-depressant medication.

Is laser therapy for acne safe to use?

Laser therapy is one of the best ways to treat acne and it is safe to use. But you have to consult your skin before the treatment. The intensity and the number of sessions should be exactly planed for a good result.

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