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No.I know that in endothermic reactions things absorb heat or get colder. In exothermic reactions they release heat or get warmer. So, since the container gets hot I guess the energy is exothermic.

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Q: Is endothermic energy occurring when crystals dissolve in water and the container gets hot?
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What does krypton dissolve into?

Kryptonite Crystals?

What crystals dissolve in water?

Sugar! :d

Are crystals dissolvable in hot or cold water?

it all depends on which crystals you mean, salt crystals can dissolve in both hot and cold water they dissolve quicker in hot water as the hot water acts as a catalyst for this

Do naphthalene crystals dissolve in mineral oil?


Can copper sulphate crystals dissolve in water?


What shows that there is an endothermic reaction when you dissolve ammonium in water?

Heat energy is taken IN.

What surfactant can dissolve lead sulfate crystals?

how can a lead acid battery be cleansed from lead sulfate crystals?

Can citric acid not dissolve with water or it will?

Citric acid dissolves in water in an endothermic reaction.

Which dissolve first the coarse copper sulfate crystals or the powdered copper sulfate?

its the powdered copper sulfate crystals :)

In a solution the substance that is dissolved is called?

endothermic recipient- it receives energy to dissolve and break the bonds, it is commonly know as the solute, but scientifically it is called the endothermic recipient.

Can soda dissolve in water?

It all depends. The mixture is endothermic so it turns a milky color. It does not dissolve. Dissolving is when it mixes in completely so in this case, the answer is no.

When a compound dissolve in water what happens?

it breaks up into individual crystals.