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No, it is not. Salt water is NaCl and H2O, while ethanol is C2H5OH.


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Ethanol is an alcohol not a salt.

Almost no salt will dissolve in pure ethanol. If salt is added to a solution of ethanol and water, which are miscible, it may form a homogenous solution without being stirred.

Water is polar, and so is salt (because it's ionic and therefore polar by definition.) So salt dissolves easily in water, because in chemistry, "like dissolves like." Ethanol is non-polar (because it's a hydrocarbon, and they're all non-polar.) So water and ethanol won't dissolve in each other. Nor will ethanol dissolve salt.

1. Firstly, use filtration to separate sand from the rest of the mixture. 2. Next, use a separation funnel to separate the three layers: Oil, ethanol, salt water. 3. Finally, use simple distillation to separate the salt from the water. There you have it! Sand, oil, ethanol, salt and water all separated!

No, Salt will not dissolve because the Ethanol is less dense then the salt so in order to make it dissolve u have to have a greater density then a smaller density. Ex. Sugar and water. When you stir it mixes and mixes all of the particles together. And same for the Sugar.

Organic SolventsBenzene and other solvents will dissolve sugar, but not salt. Salt is slightly soluble in ethanol, but this method can be used for experiments. Add the mixture to ethanol and strain out the salt with filter paper. Evaporating the ethanol will leave the sugar behind.Water Solution First in a large glass of cold water and mix the "Salt+Sugar" you have there.Then wait until some solid particles form on the bottom of the glass.Carefully take the water out of the glass.The solid particles are SUGARThen the water is SALT+WATERTake the "Salt+Water" and boil it until there is no more water.Then you will end with just SALT (hot salt...)In theory, if a water solution is cooled, sugar crystals should precipitate before the salt, but this is difficult to control experimentally.

no salt water evaporates the same as salt water

why is cold ethanol added to the soap and the salt mixture

Only if the concentration is the same.

Osmosis is the water solution. It is the same as salt concentration.

Salt is not soluble in ethanol or gasoline.

Whether something dissolves depends on the temperature and the solvent. For example, common salt will dissolve well in water but not at all in ethanol.

Salt and water form a saline solution.

The mass of salt water must be the EXACT same as the mass of the salt and the water before they were combined. However, this does not hold true for their volume.

Soluble substances: table salt in water, sugar in water, potassium carbonate in water, etc.Insoluble substances: table salt in acetone, silver in ethanol, barium sulfate in water.

Ethanol and water are mixable in any proportion because the both are of the same class of (rather) high polarity. Oily substances are very low in polarity and therefore NOT mixable with ethanol or water.

We normally think of a solute as a solid that is added to a solvent (e.g., adding table salt to water), but the solute could just as easily exist in another phase. For example, if we add a small amount of ethanol to water, then the ethanol is the solute and the water is the solvent. If we add a smaller amount of water to a larger amount of ethanol, then the water could be the solute!

Salt water is salty because of chemicals that are dissolved in the water. The water is still H2O, the same as fresh water.

technical grade is bethween 96% and 98% ethanol and ethanol absolute means pure ethanol whithout water ('almost') 99.9% ethanol Absolute ethanol has no water whereas 96% ethanol has 4% water or 98% has 2% water. Thus, the reaction can occur with water.

same, but salt water leaves the salt behind

Yes, salt weighs the same when it is dissolved in water as when it did when it was out of the water. the same salt is still there, but in a different shape that is hard to see. 1 pound of water + 1 pound of salt = 2 pounds of salt water.

No, the WATER in fresh Water and Salt Water are the same.,

Ethanol dissolves in water, as the polar ethanol molecules form hydrogen bonds with water molecules.

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