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Is evaporation reversible?

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If you consider the larger scheme of things, then Yes it is. That is what the water cycle is about. Water from the oceans evaporate and then condense to become rain.
yes, just cool the steam down

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Is evaporation a reversible or irreversible separation?

Evaporation is a reversible process.

Is evaporation a reversible or non reversible change?

non --- Evaporation is reversible by condensation, lowering the temperature.

Is evaporation reversible or irreversible?

it is reversible

Are condensation and evaporation irreversible or reversible changes?


What is evaporating water reversible or irreversible?

Evaporation is a reversible process.

Is evaporation reversible change?

Yes it is reversible and the process is called condensation!

Evaporation and condensation are what reactions?

Reversible. phase change

Is separating a soluble solid from a liquid a reversible?

Yes, this process is reversible; the water can be removed by evaporation or freeze drying.

Is condensation reversible?

Yes, the reverse of condensation is called evaporation.

Is sugar solution reversible or not?

Yes, sugar solution is a reversible change, as sugar and water can be separated by evaporation and subsequent condensation.

Examples of reversible changes around us?

freezing of water, evaporation...........

Name 2 pairs of reversible reations that can occur in the water cycle?

Evaporation and condensation are reversible reactions. They occur in water cycle.

What is a physical change - corrosion explosion evaporation rotting of food?

Evaporation is a physical change: a change of state that is reversible.

Is evaporation really reversible?

yes.the water evaporates and then condensates back to water.

Is evaporation a reversible change?

Yes, evaporation is the changing of matter from a liquid to a gas. You can reverse this process through condensation which is the change from a gas to a liquid.

Is condensation and evaporation reversible changes?

yes it is coz evaporatin is like ivaporating somethin

Is condensation and evaporation reversible?

Yes it is. To reverse condensation, evapourate it. To reverse evapouration, condense it.

Is water changing to water vapour a reversible or irreversible change?

It is reversible . Water vapour can condense and become liquid. Evaporation and condensation are phases in the water cycle

What is the best part of the water cycle?

Reversible processes are involved in water cycle. These are evaporation and condensation.

What 2 processes make water cycle?

Evaporation , condensation makes water cycle. These are reversible processes.

Evaporation a physical change?

Yes, because it can be reversed by condensation. Physical change = Reversible Chemical change = Irreversible

Is water cycle reversible?

yes mainly for evaporation A cyclical process is reversible. Water falls from the clouds as rain, then the water winds up evaporating and returning to the clouds, then it falls again as rain, and so forth.

Can you think why are evaporation and boiling reversible changes?

They are reversible changes because they don't lead to the changes in chemical properties like boiling point, melting point, no. of electrons, etc. but changes the physical properties like mass, temperature, pressure, etc.

Is cake mixture irreversible or reversible?


What are the indicators of physical change?

The major indicator of physical change is that they are reversible so you can get materials easily like solution of salt in water can be got by evaporation to dryness or crystallization