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Not everyone in Tennessee was born in Tennessee. Many Tennessee residents moved to Tennessee from other states or countries because of Tennessee's economy, weather and lifestyle.
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Where is Tennessee?

Tennessee is an interior state, in the south central region of the eastern US. It is located between the Mississippi River and the Appalchians: west of North Carolina, south o

What is Tennessee?

Answer . A state of the southeast United States.

What did Tennessee?

Tennessee became the 16th U.S. statewhen it joined the Union on June 1, 1796. Tennessee was the last ofthe Southern states to declare secession from the Union during theCivil

What is one fact about Chattanooga Tennessee?

Chattanooga is the fourth-largest city in Tennessee. It started as Ross's Landing in 1816. It is the birthplace of the tow truck, Chattanooga is now home to the International

What can you do in Tennessee?

you can visit places like the national park,caves,thehall of fame,and great smokey mountain + more
In Tennessee

Will Tennessee ever legalize cannabis?

Unless the Tennessee legislature passes a bill allowing it, it is impossible to predict whether Tennessee will legalize cannabis.