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Q: Is everything your teacher says true?
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Your teacher says that mono is a suffix is that true?

Yes, of "mononucleosis" or (kissing disease)

How do you use impediment ina sentence?

He has a hearing impediment that makes it hard for him to hear everything the teacher says.

Is the salinity of all the worlds oceans exactly the same?

well yes, that is true because everything says its true...

Who is the actress in the state farm commercial who says everything in the internet is true?

Mariel Booth.

Is The Bible reliable?

Yes it is because it is God's word to us and everything he says is true.

When does Titanic II Jack Is Back coming to the theaters?

People say its not true so I dont know my teacher says its true jack will come back.....

Is perryfields high school the best school?

well tecknickly yes it is the best scchool in sandwell so my teacher says im not sure its true of course its true

What does nothing is true everything is permited?

Nothing is True; Everything is Permitted. These are the words spoken many times in the game series Assassin's Creed. Nothing is True--It says how men are quick to lie, to cover their faults. It states that because of this, peace between brothers, peace between nations, is a fragile thing, and why peace is so rarely found in the world today. Do not be so easily swayed by something you do not know to be true. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. Everything is Permitted--This says how we are in charge of our own choices, and how with these choices, we can change our lives, for positive or negative reasons. And how with these choices, we may never take it back, the moment you give and answer. It says 'Everything is Permitted' because everything is. Its just that there is a right and a wrong way to go about them.

Is experience really the best teacher?

Experience is the most convincing teacher, but some forms of information can be conveyed more efficiently through books and/or lectures. yes. this is true on everything and specially to mistakes. we learn from these after they had happened.

What does it mean when a teacher you know says hi to you?

When a teacher you know says hi to you it means they are being polite and acknowledging you.

Who said you've not lost everything until you've lost your faith and that's by choice not by accident?

everyone says that because it is true

How do you impress your Gymnastics teacher?

Do everything your teacher says and put a lot of EFFORT into it. You do not have to be really good at Gymnastics you just have to put a lot of EFFORT into it.