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Evo is better than a LG neon because evo is a smartphone. It is capable of performing more functions than the LG neon. Depending on your needs. If it is just for calling. Lg neon is perfectly fine.

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Evo beause the evo has faster internet

Personally i prefer the HTC evo

well the i phone 4 is great but it has to many problems for now go with the evo!

The htc evo is the best phone ive ever had so the evo is good.

Yes because the phone is a faster smartphone

The HTC Evo and HTC HD2 are similar phones in function and speed. Which phone is better depends on the individual users preferences.

The HTC EVO 3D is better than the Spirit because the EVO is super fast. The Evo has great internet connection at a 4G speed and has some of the best features that anyone can enjoy.

iphone 4 is way better

In my opinion i think the droid incredible is a really nice phone but the EVO is probably better

The evo 4g is better because,the phones are ecxactly the same but,the evo's processing and internet speed is faster.

It has a keyboard that's all that matters.

The Clio Board is not available on the HTC Evo mobile phone.

Obviously it is. Necromancer isn't as good in pvp as evo shaman. But it's better in skills, and against monsters. It heals better, and it can solo, and evo shaman doesn't solo or heal good

the skyline is better because it accels faster and handles better so i prefer it over the evo anyday. i think the evo is overreated 2

Evo 3D is a gorgeous phone. Like the Evo 4G, the Evo 3D is black with blood-red detailing. Keeping it in the family, the Evo View Android tablet, also announced today, has the same color scheme. The Evo 3D smartphone feels solid, but not bulky in the least. It has a nice, textured rubber backing and a slimmer shape that feels good in hand.

The Evo Shift is smaller than the original Evo and has a slide out qwerty keyboard. That is the main difference.

That depends on what you're talking about, the iPhone 4 might have an only 5 mega-pixel camera but it will get better FPS than the Evo. however when talking about the cellular network the Evo would have a margin of difference. the OS on the iPhone is amazingly good so that the whole phone would work smoothly and efficiently. the Android on the other hand is extremely complicated and therefore makes it more laggy. on paper the evo should be better but it all comes down to the operating system, even if the CPU and graphics is better in one phone the OS would determine how to use it. overall the iPhone would win with better FPS in camera wise and gaming wise in battery and many others and with the gorgeous Retina display crammed into a 3.5 inch screen measuring 960 by 640 equalling more than 330 pixels per inch the iPhone 4 wins. hope this helps

on a slow day....a lan evo is way better

HTC EVO has an android system,while Iphones have Ios systems.

yes the HTC evo is better than the Htc hd2. the Evo has 8mp, two cameras front/back, a stand built in it, and it is with sprint so it is 4g and has 6pages. The Hd2 has 4mp and one camera just the back, with no stand and 3 pages and is 3g because it is with T-mobile.

On the HTC EVO phone to access the clipboard first select menu and then office folder. The clipboard is located in the office folder.

Overall, the HTC Evo 4G is, hands-down, the best smartphone that Sprint has to offer and certainly ranks as one of the best Android phones and its the best phone out there.

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