Is evolution a random process

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No. It is far from random, there is nothing random about it. If I were to race my three year old nephew I would win, easily. I am faster and stronger and I have more stamina. The outcome of the race would not be random, it would be inevitable. Evolution is the same. The organism that is better equipped to reproduce will have more success and therefore become dominant and potentially drive other strains or species out of existence. The only random element is the mutations that cause one animal to be more fit than another. Most are harmful and die out in a generation or some, some are neutral and make no real difference (these are the variations we look at for DNA tests in court) and a few are beneficial. The good ones are passed down and over time an accumulation of good changes causes the organism to become a different sort of organism. This could be likened to Poker. One hand is clearly better than another but the cards are dealt at random. Still, the best hand wins and the worst player is out of the game the soonest. Hope this helps!

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Evolution is very random as it is based on mutations in the genetic code of organisms, although this process is random natural selection is NOT random and it is one of the main principals of this theory.

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Yes, and no. Evolution is random in the sense that the solutions it produced (metabolic paths, body shapes, and so on) were by no means necessary outcomes, but produced by happenstances of genetic chemistry and chaotic environmental pressures. Should we rewind the clock and reset life to its most primitive form, there is no reason why the same lifeforms should evolve again. Evolution is non-random in the sense that whatever solution was produced would still have to have met the same criteria for survival and replicative ability. To summarize: natural selection limits the randomness of genetics, but by no means eliminates it.
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Q: Is evolution a random process
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What is a stochastic process?

Stochastic process is also known as a random process. It is a collection of random variables that represent the evolution of some system of random values over time.

What caused this natural process of evolution?

According to the Theory of Evolution, random chance is generally accepted to have been the causal force behind evolution.

What is a possible benefit of regulating the process of cell differentiation?

The process of random regulation is termed Evolution.

Which of the following was not part of Darwin's theory of natural selection?

There is no following but one thing that is not a part of the theory of evolution by natural selection is that natural selection is a random process. It in not a random process.

What process is thought to have changed the genitic code over billions of years?

Random mutation and natural selection. Evolution.

Is evolution a mutation?

Random mutation and natural selection drive evolution for the most part.

What is the difference between a random variable and random process?

A random process is a sequence of random variables defined over a period of time.

What ideas did Darwin NOT include when he published his theory of evolution?

the idea that species change slowly over timeThe idea that natural selection was a random process.

How do the marlins adapt?

Marlins adapt to their environment the same way all living things do, by the process of evolution via natural selection and random mutation.

What are stages of evolution?

Evolution does not have "stages". Evolution is a continuous and gradual process.

What color is evolution?

Evolution is a process; it doesn't have a color.

Year of software evolution?

Software evolution is an ongoing process

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