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Q: Is ferrari enzo the fastest car ever made?
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What is the fastest car Ferrari made?

The fastest that anyone can buy is the Enzo Ferrari.

What is the best Ferrari ever made?

The Ferrari Enzo in my point of view

Is the Ferrari Enzo the fastest Ferrari?

Yes it is the fastest factory spec Ferrari ever made. It can reach a speed of more than 350 kph. Although the fastest Ferrari is the formula 1 car used by the Ferrari F1 team which revs to around 20,000 RPM!

Can Enzo Ferrari see?

If you're saying the person that made Ferrari Enzo (his name is Enzo Ferrari), he's dead. If you're saying if you can see the car Ferrari Enzo, you can see at a car dealer. You can call a Ferrari Enzo as "Ferrari Enzo" and "Enzo Ferrari," its because the Ferrari Enzo is made by the person "Enzo Ferrari."

Who made ferrari it is Enzo Ferrari in 1906?

Enzo ferrari was the founder of ferrari (hence the name enzo FERRARI) it wasnt 1906 but i think it was around 1929? were he founded scuderia and they all lived happily ever after.

Are they coming out a new enzo Ferrari?

They have a regular Ferrari Enzo, a Ferrari Enzo GT, and the race Ferrari Enzo FXX. They made around 234 Ferrari Enzo's so no, no new one's.

Who made the Ferrari?

A man named Enzo. There is a Ferrari named after him called the Ferrari Enzo.

What is the purpose of Ferrari of being made?

Enzo Ferrari (the founder of Ferrari) started his own car company in the 1930's after working at a factory. The main purpose of a Ferrari is speed and sound. The Ferrari Enzo was made to remember Enzo Ferrari.

Who made the first Ferrari?

Enzo ferrari in 1948.

Who was the first person that made the Ferrari?

Enzo Ferrari made the first Ferrari car.

Who made Ferrari company?

A great man called Enzo Ferrari. He started it in the late 1930's. Ferrari made the Ferrari Enzo in honour of his memory because he died.

What are a couple of cars Ferrari has made?

the enzo ferrari and the spider

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