Is fishing a healthy activity?

Yes, fishing is a healthy activity; any activity is healthy. Fish is a very healthy food if you eat what you catch and getting outside in the elements is always good for a person. Fishing can be a very quiet, meditative and relaxing pastime so it can be very healthy mentally, teaching you how to be calm and patient. Fishing is an activity that humans have participated in as long as we have been human so to fish is to form a connection with the past and with our earliest ancestors and to interact with nature in a fundamental and meaningful way; this can be very healthy spiritually.

Fishing can also be dangerous. Any activity near or on water holds risks such as drowning and being out in inclement weather can lead to a risk of exposure. So being a little bit sensible and safety conscious when fishing is a good idea. But most of all fishing is a fun, exciting and fulfilling activity and I recommend it. Also it can make fun.