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It is ranked as the second largest Alaskan industry and with proper management it will be a sustainable industry for centuries.

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Why is fish an important thing to Alaska?

Fishing is the second largest industry.

What are the most important industries in Alaska?

Resource extraction (petroleum products) has been by far the most important industry in Alaska, but this industry is declining, along with timber and fishing.

Where could one read a review about Alaska Salmon Fishing?

Reviews on Alaska Salmon Fishing can be found on Alaska Fishing, Fisherman's Choice, Anglers Lodge, Angling Direct, Alaskan Charters, and Jack Fishing.

What should a person remember to pack when going on a fishing trip to Alaska?

Fishing trips to Alaska can be both fun and dangerous. It is necessary to pack appropriately. Aside from the typical fishing gear, it is important to also have a cell phone, GPS, flares, and spare clothes.

Where can one find Alaska fishing lodges that offer guided fishing experiences?

Alaska Wildland Adventures has a website that lists a number of Alaska fishing lodges with guided fishing tours. They also offer the ability to make reservations online.

What industry is Alaska?

Mostly fishing, especially salmon fishing.

Where can one get a guide for fishing in Alaska?

A guide for popular fishing areas in Alaska can be obtained from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Guides can also be located anywhere where fishing licenses and permits are available for purchase.

What companies offer fishing vacations in Alaska?

There are a number of companies that offer fishing vacations in Alaska. They include High Liner Lodge, Alaska Legacy, Fish The Nush and Yellow Dog Fly Fishing.

What would Alaska be without fishing?

It would still be Alaska

What are the human characteristics of Alaska?

Alaska has a great spot for fishing

Where can one practice Halibut fishing in Alaska?

You can practice Halibut fishing in Alaska at the Talon Lodge & Spa. You can learn more about this at the Talon Lodge website. Once on the page, click on About Us" and "Alaska Fishing" to learn more.

Where can get information regarding salmon fishing in Alaska?

If you are interested in finding information regarding salmon fishing in Alaska, then you will find several websites available. ADFG Alaska, Alaska Outdoor Journal, and Travel Tips are just a few of the websites that offer salmon fishing information.

Where are the commercial fishing districts of Southeast Alaska located?

north Alaska

What are some jobs in Alaska?


Where did ice fishing begin?


Which province has the bigger fishing industry Alaska or Oregon?

Alaska. Their lengthy coastline makes them have a greater fishing industry through sheer numbers

Does Alaska give us trout?

Yes, Alaska has great Trout fishing.

Where can one find a fishing guide book for Alaska?

A good bookshop should have a guide to fishing in Alaska, many online book retailers also offer books about fishing in Alaska it can also be purchased on Amazon which is one of the leading book retailers.

What is the most popular sport in Alaska?


How does Alaska make money?

Mainly by fishing.

What sports is Alaska famous for?

Salmon Fishing

What is the professional sport in Alaska?

Ice Fishing?

What are Alaska's three most important industries?

Alaska's three most important industries are oil, tourism, and fishing. Other industries in Alaska are coal, gold, and mining.

What's the best site for comparing fishing trips and lodges in Alaska?

An excellent site for comparing fishing trips and lodges in Alaska is They have information for all of Alaska, including the most remote areas.

How doe Alaska make its money?

Through fishing since Alaska has many commercial fishing industries. And if you have will and persistence, you can find a good job and make money.