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much much much faster

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Q: Is flash faster than Goku
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Is sonic faster than Goku?

Way faster

Is anyone faster than the flash?

no not even superman is faster than the flash. as seen in smallville the flash out does superman by alot as if it was nothing. and in the dc comics the flash is the faster superhero ever created

Who faster Goku or vegeta?

Goku b/c he is more stronger than Vegita

Who is faster zoom or flash?

flash is way!!!!!!!! faster than zoom

Is the flash faster than two cheethas combined?

yes flash is faster

Who is faster Flash or Superman?

According to comic books and the media, The Flash is faster than Superman.

Who is faster than Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic is the fastest Hedgehog Rainbow Dash She can obtain mach 10

Is goku faster than light?

Goku is a fictional, made-up, pretend character. If his writer wants him to dosomething faster than light speed, I think it would be no problem for him.

Will goku be in Super Smash Flash 2 demo v6?

is goku on supersmash flash 2

How do you get Goku in super smash flash 2?

You can't do this,because goku is in super smash flash 2

Who is faster Flash or Sonic?

Flash is faster than sonic by a long shot, he can run through walls and solid objects. Also when he is using speed force he is invincible and becomes 10 times faster than sonic. To add on if they were to race each other at their normal form and starting speed, which for sonic is sound speed and for flash is light speed the flash would thrash sonic.(say it did answer your question if you think flash is faster and say no if you think sonic is faster)

Who would win in an eating contest goku Kirby or the flash?

Goku would win in everything. He can destroy Kirby and flash

Who is faster than Superman?

the flash

Is Quicksilver faster than Flash?


Is Goku faster than Sonic the Hedgehog?

Only if he uses his instant teleportation.

Who is faster dash or flash?

It would stand to reason that Flash is faster than Dash, since Flash is said to be the fastest man on Earth. Flash's nicknames are Scarlet Speedster and Crimson Comet.

Is java better than flash player?

No, flash player is better and faster.

What is a T flash?

T flash is a NOn volatile memory it is very faster than the other flash..!

Who is faster than the flash?

I would say Goku because he can be on the other side of the world in less then a second using instant transmission. He is actually moving because in the movie dragon ball z movie cooler, Cooler uses it and hits Goku, and they fight in instant transmission. Also he moves so fast he can go to other planets with no effects. If your only talking marvel i would say the silver surfer or kid flash.

Who is faster flash or dash?

flash is faster because flash means really quick dash mean fast but in a short while

Who is faster shadow or the flash?

The Flash is without a doubt faster than Shadow the Hedgehog. The Flash can move so fast that his molecules can separate allowing him to destroy the fabric of reality.

Who is faster than flash?

Savitar but this statement could be challenged sense savitar is Flash

Did flash beat Superman in a race?

yes, faster than light. vs faster than a speeding bullet.

Who is more famous Goku or Flash Gordon?

Goku Goku is new and although he is quite popular at the moment he is quite likely to fade into obscurity. Flash on the other hand has endured and will continued to do so.

Is flash drive faster than hard drive?