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Q: Is flodin a Swedish last name?
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Who is kenneth flodin one of Jehovah witness?

Kenneth Flodin

When was Louise Flodin born?

Louise Flodin was born in 1828.

When did Louise Flodin die?

Louise Flodin died in 1923.

Is Unis a Swedish last name?

It is very unusual but some persons in Sweden have the last name Unis. But if it is a swedish name I don't know.

What nationality is the last name johnson?


Is Frankenheimer a Swedish last name?

No, it is German.

Diehl is an Swedish last name?

No its German.

When was Christer Flodin born?

Christer Flodin was born on September 1, 1948, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Is carlson a Swedish name?

Only rarely with that spelling. Carlson is the English version of the last name Karlsson which indeed is a Swedish.

How are Swedish last names spelled or how can you identify a Swedish last name?

sson in it, like andersson or pettersson, 20 percent have this syntax.

What is the origin of the last name Denison?

It is of the Swedish origin.

Is Mellquist a Swedish last name?

Yes it is. It's the last name of a rather famous football player

Is sandvik a Swedish last name?

No, but it is a Swedish company. It's called Sandvik because it's based in a Swedish town called Sandviken.

What nationality is the last name Lykins?

Irish, Dutch, Swedish

What nationality is Fisk?

My last name is Fisk :) It's Swedish

Where does the last name Pollock come from?

The name Pollock is Scottish in origin, but is strongly Swedish in the last few centuries.

What ethnicity is the last name Taus?

My great, great grandfather's birth name was William Taus and he and his ancestors were full Swedish. So it's Swedish.

What ethnicity is the last name Rydberg?

Rydberg is a Swedish name for a woodland mountain clearing.

What ethnicity is the last name Anderson?

Swedish. It means "son of Ander"

How do you pronounce skarsgard?

This Swedish last name is pronounced SKARSH-gord.

What is the definition of the name neilson?

Generally Scandinavian, mainly swedish, but in this spelling Scottish. My husbands last name is Neilson and his family is Scottish with some Swedish history.

What nationality is the last name of Bergson?

The name, "Bergson" sounds like and is spelled like a Swedish name.

What does tjernlund mean in swedish?

The last name Tjerlund means energetic and ambitious.

What does the last name Blix mean?

the name Blix is a swedish name and origonally was Blixt. It means joy or cheer.

What is the name of Swedish currency?

The name of Swedish currency is the Swedish Krona (SEK).