Is forbidden a noun

Updated: 9/18/2023
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No the word forbidden is not a noun. It is an adjective and a past tense verb.

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Q: Is forbidden a noun
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What bird is a forbidden food item according to kosher law?

All and any species of predatory bird, and birds of prey are forbidden food item according to the laws of Kashrut (the noun form of the adjective, kosher.

What is a sentence with the word forbidden?

The Forbidden Kingdom is huge.She was forbidden from seeing him again.Swearing in public is forbidden.

How do you spell forbidden?


Can you get a sentence for forbidden?

It is forbidden for you to enter here. Only vips are allowed to enter.

Why is the Forbidden City forbidden?

The forbidden city is forbidden because it was the imperial palace for the mid-ming dynasty to the end of the quin dynasty. It is now a museum and is not forbidden anymore.

Are bananas forbidden in Islam?

No, bananas are not forbidden in Islam. Non of the fruits are forbidden in Islam.

When was opium forbidden?

It isn't forbidden it is prescribed to ppl everyday. its just forbidden to buy them from people when ur not prescribed them. and it is forbidden to also sell them.

How many people get forbidden from the forbidden city per year?

none.... forbidden city is just a name people don't actually get forbidden :)

Is the Kidney transplantation forbidden in Islam?

No. It is not forbidden.

What is the forbidden song on The Simpsons?

There is no forbidden song.

HOW to use forbidden in sentence?

Forbidden: Not allowed, prohibited. You use the word forbidden as follows: Farmer Jones has forbidden us from entering his vegetable patch.

What is the meaning of forbidden?

Forbidden means off-limits or restricted. For instance, in the story of Adam and Eve they ate the forbidden fruit. It was forbidden because God told them it was off-limits. Similarly, carrying a weapon is forbidden in our current society. Below is a link to the definition of forbidden.