Is fresh tomato an acid

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Is fresh tomato an acid
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What kind of acid in tomato?

tomato contains ascorbic acid

Which acid is in tomato?

Two acids present in tomato are citric acid and malic acid.

Is a tomato a acid?

It is not an acid

What kind of acid is in tomato juice?

Citric acid is present in tomato juice.

What is a tomato an acid or an alkali?

its an acid!

Is tomato sauce acid or alkali?

Tomato sauce is an acid. When tested with blue litmus paper, it turns red, indicating that it is an acid.

Sugar is it an acid?

No it's not an acid. it will cut the acidity in tomato dishes like tomato sauce or tomato soup. Honey and baking soda will do the same thing. I can't imagine an acid cutting acid.

Is tomato juice an acid or base?


Is there any salt in a tomato?

A fresh tomato doesn't contain salt.

Does tomato paste have preservatives?

Yes, all tomato products have acid from the tomato in them.

What acid is in the tomato that it can conduct electricity?

amino acid

Is tomato an acid?