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Is fx equals x x equals 5 a linear equation?


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no, because xx=x squared, and x squared is not linear

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Yes, the equation has a slope of 0.

It is a linear equation in x. The equation has the solution x = 0.

Give us the whole equation, and we can help.

A linear equation is of the form y=mx+c, where m and c are constants. Therefore, y=5x is a linear equation. Here m=5 and c=0.

Yes, this is an equation of a straight line with slope = 2, and y-intercept at y=5.

This equation is linear, because neither variable symbol occurs to any power except the first.

Good news! You don't have to do anything. [ x-3 = 2 ] is already a linear equation, and x=5 .

It is a linear equation in one variable, x.

It is an invalid linear equation in a variable m.

fx=3x-5 f=(3x-5)/x f2=(6x-10)/x /=divide

5r = 25 is a linear equation in one variable, r. The solution is r = 5.

It is a linear equation in x. It has a solution, which is x = -5

There are no powers e.g 2x2 would be due to the 2

3x = 5y3x/5 = 5y/5(3/5)x = y ory = (3/5)x + 0 is a linear equation of the form y = mx + b, where the slope, m, is 3/5, and the y-intercept, b, is 0.

It is a linear equation in x. 10x = 7x + 15 3x = 15 x = 5

It is a straight line equation whereas 5 is the slope and -3 is the y intercept.

One linear equation is not sufficient to solve for two unknown variables (c and n). The best that you can do is c = 5(2n - 1)

You would draw a straight horizontal line through the 5 on the y axis.

There are many linear equations that equal 91! For instance, 2x + 4 = 91 and 3x + 5 = 91 Too many equations.. The question needs revision!.

If you mean: y = 2x+5 then it is a straight line equation.

No, they are simply three expressions: there is no equation - linear or otherwise.

It is not possible to solve a single linear equation in two unknown variables (b and t).

The equation of a vertical line x = 5 or the equation of a horizontal line y = 5.

It's a simple linear equation in 'x'.It can be solved as follows:4x - 1 = -5Add 1 to each side of the equation:4x = -4Divide each side by 4:x = -1

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