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Is garre Somalia?

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sceptic never have never being satisfied by the answer to this question, are really garres Somalis? because they always have a preconceived opinion and they are in reality not looking for the correct answer but an approval of his/wish. unfortunatly they are more-often disappointed, because Garres are indeed Somali, even more somali than this sceptic's. Unfortunate for then human genealogy can not be changed by wishful thinking.

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How do say hello in Somalia?

It depends on which language you are talking about. There are 13 languages in common use in Somalia:ArabicAweerBoonDabarreEnglishGarreJiidduMaayMushunguluOromo, Borana-Arsi-GujiSomaliSwahiliTunni

When was Jan Schmidt-Garre born?

Jan Schmidt-Garre was born in 1962.

When was Gregory G. Garre born?

Gregory G. Garre was born on 1964-11-01.

What continent is Somalia in?

Somalia is in the continent of Africa.

Who was the queen of Somalia?


Where is Puntland Somalia?

In North East of Somalia

What is Somalia population?

The population of Somalia is about 10,800,000.

Is Somalia in the commonwealth?

Somalia was in Commonwealth in 1953.

How was Somalia created?

Google Wikipedia- Somalia for a detailed answer to this question

When was Somalia colonised?

Northern Somalia was colonized in 1884 by the British and Southern Somalia was colonized in 1889 by the Italians.

Who are native people of Somalia?

the native people of Somalia are ajuuran, according to history, they are preprimary tribe of Somalia

What actors and actresses appeared in Trigo limpio - 1962?

The cast of Trigo limpio - 1962 includes: Pedro Garre

Is Somalia a continent?

No,Somalia is a country in the continent of Africa.

How big is Somalia?

Somalia is 246201 square miles.

Is Somalia in Uganda?

No, Somalia is an independent country - as is Uganda

Why were American troops in Somalia?

i am a Somalia new president

What European country once controlled Somalia?

Britten controlled northen Somalia and Italy controlled southen Somalia

What are the major imports of Somalia?

three major exports and imports of Somalia three major exports and imports of Somalia

Is Somalia safe?

No, Somalia is not a Safe Country because Somalia has been in war for more than 20 years.

How many population in Somalia?

In Somalia the estimated population is 2010.

Which NGOs are currently working in Somalia?

where are ngo operations in somalia

How many region consist Somalia?

There are eighteen regions in Somalia.

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