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Gastric acid is part of the "juices" produced by the stomach.

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Q: Is gastric acid the secretions in the gastric juice produced by the stomach?
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Where is gastric juice produced?

Gastric juice is produced in the stomach. Gastric juice is produced in the Gastric glands.

Where producing gastric juice?

Gastric juice is produced in the stomach. Gastric juice is produced in the Gastric glands.

What is the function of gastric hormone gastric?

Gastric glands that are in the stomach make secretions called Gastric Juice. The muscular walls of the stomach contract vigorously to mix food with gastric juice producing a mixture called chyme.

What three juices are produced in the stomach?

Gastric juice,pancrea juice, intestinal juice.

What is a primary component of gastric juice in the stomach?

It is water. It is also the primary component of many other secretions.

How much gastric juice is produced daily in the stomach?

2-3 Liters

Where is gastric juice stored in the human body?

It is both produced and stored in the stomach

What is the main component of gastric juice?

Water is the primary component of many secretions, including gastric juice.

Is gastric juice in a stomach an acid or a base?

Gastric Juice in ur stomach is a base

Why isn't the stomach affected by the gastric juice?

there is a lining of mucus around the entire stomach that prevents the gastric acid (gastric juice) from penetrating the stomach walls

Where is food mixed with gastric juice?

Food mixes with gastric juice in the stomach, the only place gastric juice should ever be in the body unless there is gastric reflux or perforation of the stomach.

What does gastric juice break down?

Gastric juice breaks down food in your stomach :)

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