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No, Geothermal energy comes from the earth.

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Q: Is geothermal energy derived from the sun?
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Is geothermal from the sun?

Geothermal energy is NOT from the sun. Geothermal energy is from heat inside the earth!

Which of the energy sources are in some way derived from the Sun?

Geothermal, Wave, And Biomass.(: (Not Nuclear)

Which of the following energy sources are in some way derived from the Sun?

Geothermal, Wave, And Biomass.(: (Not Nuclear)

What types of energy sources are not derived from the sun?

Practically all energy on earth comes originally from the sun. A power source not derived from the sun is geothermal, which uses heat from deep under the ground.* Nuclear energy.* Geothermal energy.* Fuel cell energy.* kinetic energy* potential energy* thermal energy* gravitational energy* sound energy* light energy* electromagnetic energy* elastic energy

What energy source is not derived directly or indirectly from solar energy?

Geothermal energy is derived from the earth's internal heat sources. Tidal energy is derived from the moon's orbit. All other types of energy generation rely somehow on the sun.

Does geothermal energy depend on the sun?

Geothermal energy does not depend on the sun. Geothermal energy is energy that comes from about 55 feet below Earth's surface.

Do geothermal collectors transform energy from the sun?

No. Geothermal means heat from the earth. If something is collecting heat from the sun, that is not geothermal energy.

What does not use the sun's energy in any way?


Does the sun produce geothermal energy?

No, the sun does not produce geothermal energy because geothermal energy is produced is from rock formations and liquid filled inside these rock formations inside the earth.

Is Geothermal the same as Solar. If it is not the same then what is Geothermal?

Geothermal energy is not the same as solar energy- geothermal refers to heat generated by the earth, not the sun.

Heat energy generated within the earth is called what?

my answer is the heat energy is magmaThe heat energy in earths crust is geothermal energy

Where can you obtain energy?

From geothermal energy supplies or from the sun