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Yes it is a metalloid, due to the fact that it is between non metals and metals and the fact that it shows characteristics of both...

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Is germaniun a metalloid?

Germanium is a metalloid.

Is germanium A Noble Gas?

Germanium is a metalloid.

Is germanium a metal metalloid or nonmetal?

AnswerSemi-metal And a metalloid.

What is the natural state of germanium?

The natural state of germanium is a solid (metalloid).

What is the resistivity of germanium if they compared to glass?

glass is an insulator, germanium is a metalloid.

What metalloid was name for Germany?

Germanium ~ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanium

What are nonmetals in the same group as lead?

Carbon, Silicon (a metalloid), Germanium (a metalloid),

Is germanium a metal or non metal?

Germanium is a metalloid. With both metallic and nonmetallic properties.

Is germanium a metal nonmental or a metalloid?

Germanium has been said by many to be a metal, but it is only carrying characteristics of a metal so it can be called a semi-metal. Despite this Germanium is most usually classed as a metalloid.

Which metalloid is in the fourth period?

Germanium and arsenic are metalloids.

What is the scientific name for germanium?

Germanium IS the scientific name for an element that is brittle, crystalline, gray-white, and metalloid.

What is the meaning of metalloid?

A metalloid has some properties of both metals and nonmetals, and some, like silicon and germanium are semiconductors.

What are three facts about germanium?

The name of Germanium comes from the Latin word Germania, which means Germany. Germanium is a metalloid element. Clemens Winkler discovered Germanium in 1886 in Germany.

Is germanium a good conductor of electricity?

Germanium is a good conductor because it is between silicon and tin, its a metalloid. Tin can conduct electricity and so can germanium

Is germanium a metal?

No. Germanium is called either a metalloid or a semimetal, because it ha some but not all of the properties of the metals.

What group is germanium in the periodic table?

Germanium, symbol Ge, has an atomic number of 32. It is a metalloid in the carbon group.

Give one example of each metal nonmetal metalloid?

Metal: Sodium Nonmetal: Carbon Metalloid: Germanium

Germanium is classified as a?

a metalloid in the carbon group and is chemically similar to silicon

Which is a metalloid?

Metalloids are: silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony, tellurium, boron.

Is germanuim a metal metalloid or a nonmetal?

Germanium is a metalloid. It has some properties of both metals and non metals. It belongs to group 14.

Which element does gallium have more in common with germanium or indium?

Gallium has more in common with indium as they are both metals whereas germanium is a metalloid.

What is a type of metalloid?

Examples: germanium, selenium, tellurium, antimony, boron, silicon.

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