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Q: Is get service engine soon light and check engine light the same?
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Not check engine service engine light?

The service engine light is the same thing as a check engine light.

Is the service engine soon light on 2001 S10 same as check engine light?

Yes, the Service Engine Soon light is the same as the Check Engine light.

Is a service engine soon light the same thing as a check engine light?


How do you know the difference between the service engine light and check engine light?

They are the same thing.

How do you reset the service engine light after you change the oil?

The service engine soon is the same as a check engine light. It has nothing to do with an oil change.

What does the service engine soon light on an 1997 dodge caravan mean?

That is the same as a check engine light. See related questions below.That is the same as a check engine light. See related questions below.

Ford F-150 is the service engine soon different from the check engine light?

Same thing.

What if you cant find the problem that keeps your service engine light on?

A service engine light is not the same as a check engine light. In most instances the service engine light means you are in need of an oil/filter change. Refer to your owners manual to see what is needed at the mileage you are at on your vehicle. If you are talking about the check engine light then take the vehicle to a professional for repair.

Is service vehicle light and service engine light the same?


Service engine soon light is on on 1997 Chrysler sebring convwhat needs done?

Have it checked for codes, That is the same as the check engine light.

Is the check engine oil light the same as the check engine light?

No, oil level does not cause the check engine light.

1995 suburban service engine light on Does this vehicle have both a check engine and a service engine light Just bought the vehicle and I am trying not to be too worried?

A Service Engine light and a Check Engine light have the same purpose - to alert the driver that a malfunction has been detected by a sensor(s). It would behoove you to take your vehicle to an auto parts store (AutoZone or similar) that does free scans and have the touble code(s) retrieved to find what made the light come on. Some manufacturers call it a Check Engine light and others call it a Service Engine light, but as mentioned above they serve the same pirpose. I don't think your vehicle would have it labeled both ways.

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