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Um acually in Japan it is the star of what kinda is the sequal of Pokemon diamond but it will probably come out in English in a couple of years

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yes there is some new Pokemon on plantinum. like girantina

No the game will start as new and your star when you went up againt the champ and the elite four will be lost SORRY!!

You get the Pokedex Diploma. You get the Pokemon Diploma, a new star and colour on your Trainer Card and the satisfaction of capturing every Pokemon in the game.

By new Pokemon do you mean starting a new game. You just start a new game them.

if you ONLY have Pokemon diamond, then im sorry to say you can't save your old Pokemon to the new game. BUT if you have ANOTHER Pokemon game with ANOTHER game system, then you can trade your "old" pokeon into the other Pokemon game, then re-trade the pokemons to your "new game" Pokemon game.

A new Pokemon Ranger game came out.

its a new Pokemon game, just like how diamond and pearl used to be new. its co-game is Pokemon white. its in a new region, and the camera view is different

you start a new game or catch pokemon!

After you get the national pokedex you can get a Girantina.Girantina is SUPER,SUPER rare and is a legendary therefore it is an incredibly strong pokemon.There will be a new area around Route 214.It's called Spring Path and has a stange cave called the Turnback cave.It's really just a huge confusing maze with pointers that don't help you very much.Its really hard.Eventually you'll find Girantina at level 70.Remember to save the game incase Girantina faints. Hope it helped! P.S. Be patient!

put penis into vagina pokemon game

I do believe that there is not a new Pokemon game

The new Star Wars game comes out within a year from today. The new Star Wars game will most likely feature online multiplayer and a single player campaign.

this is the new clone wars game

Recently, the newest Pokemon game for Nintendo Wii is Pokemon battle revolution. ____________________________________________________________________ Sooner or later, there will be a new game called PokePark(download)

No there aren't any plans for a "Star Fox Adventures 2" game or any plans to make a new star fox game.

Pokemon black and Pokemon white

A hack of Pokemon SoulSilver that makes the game harder and adds new Pokemon not in SoulSilver, along with new game events.

-Get a friend with a game you can trade to -Start a new game, choose one of the Pokemon, and trade it to your friend -Start a new game, choose a different Pokemon, and trade it to your friend -Start a new game, choose the last Pokemon, and get your friend to trade you your two other Pokemon back

There ALWAYS be new Pokemon. so look forward to the next Pokemon game.

Just reset your games, but then it disapiers and you cant get it back. Reseting game just put select, up and B and it deletes it.

The newest Pokemon ranger game is Pokemon ranger: Guardian Signs.

The new Pokemon crater is called pokemoncraterx.

no the pokewalker can only be to one safe file. if you delete the file with a Pokemon in the poke walker then you would either have to keep the Pokemon in the pokewalker or delete the new Pokemon so you can link it up to the new game

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